Horrifying Halloween Menu

 The weather could not be more perfect for Halloween Week here in north Texas.  It’s yucky, wet, and cold right now but on Friday and Saturday the sun is supposed to come out!  That doesn’t always happen so I’m soaking it up this year!  Something to be thankful for in 2020!

Most of our usual Halloween happenings well, just aren’t happening this year.  Instead I’m trying my best to bring a little spooky fun to our everyday in one of the smallest ways which happens to be our dinner table.

*Shay’s Ghoul-AshThis has been a Halloween week staple for YEARS now!  This year I got the idea from Pinterest to dye the noodles black.  I think I saw a Spooky Spaghetti recipe with dark noodles?  I’m gonna give it a go tonight but our noodles will be orange {which will be a mess with the meat mixture-but I couldn’t find black food coloring}.  It’s all about bringing a little fun, right?

*Jack-O-Lantern Pot Pie-Last night I made a typical chicken pot pie but carved a jack-o-lantern face in the top pie crust.  We also carved pumpkins right after dinner so this might have become a new tradition.  Now, I’ve gotta be honest chicken pot pie isn’t my go to favorite meal so I don’t think I’d EVER made it.  But the year Tab and I were first married I felt the need to look up every type of recipe you can imagine to store away for one day when I’d need it.  I got a similar one from a Taste of Home magazine YEARS ago but this is super close.

*Chili-I made my regular ole chili recipe {which always begins with a McCormick Chili Seasoning packet and goes on from there…just whatever cans I’ve got on hand} on Monday but dumped a couple green olives that resemble eyeballs during the week of Halloween on top of each bowl.  You could call it something scary or sweet depending on your kids ages and make a simple meal like chili a little more fun. 

*Growing up my mom always served Mummy Dogs on Halloween so they’re on our menu as well.  These are so easy!  Just wrap a little crescent roll around a hot dog and bake for a bit!  If you really want to get my kids excited make a box of macaroni and cheese {yes, a box-not a homemade version} to serve with those Mummy Dogs.

*Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas-Papa Murphy’s is our go to for these special pumpkin pizzas.  They are such a festive way to take the night off from cooking!  

*We made our favorite pumpkin muffins on Monday when the kids were out of school!

*Friday before school we’re having a special spooky breakfast {because football is EARLY on Saturday morning}.  I’m serving them orange, green, and purple pancakes with bacon.  

A few searches on Pinterest helped me see making dinner a little “extra” this week really doesn’t take much effort on my part but it’s something my kids are enjoying!

What’s on YOUR Horrifying Halloween Menu this week?


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  1. 10.28.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Those all sound like such easy and fun Halloween foods! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 10.28.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm still giggling about your Death Chili!! Thank you for always making my recipes and including them on your blog!!

  3. 10.28.20
    TorontoSAM said:

    We don't eat a ton of hot dogs around here, but I still want to try those mummy dogs. Maybe this is the year 🙂

  4. 10.28.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    Sooo fun… question though… how do you have time to do all of this?? bahahaha I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water these days 😛 we are still playing softball 2-3 days a week…. but will be finished this week or Monday depending on the weather… it's the NEVER ENDING SEASON!!!!! 🙂 I am going to try really hard to make one of these recipes tonight and maybe Friday morning the spooky breakfast!!! SOOO FUN!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. 10.28.20
    Maggie Eterno said:

    My daddy made us homemade pizza all the time. All of our friends know about it and loved it too. He passed away 5 years ago, but every time I make it, I feel like he's with me. I've been missing him a lot so my siblings and I are making it this weekend. On Halloween I always make some kind of soup so I'm going to make that!

  6. 10.28.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    It's 3:52 and I'm ready for dinner.