Giveaway and the Weekend

Happy Monday!  We had a great low-key weekend.  The weather here was AMAZING!  I’m talking 70 degree head to the park kind of weather, so we did just that-twice!  I have a fun giveaway this morning!!

I’ve shared my proud-friend status before, but I’m sharing it again!  Shay has worked so hard all while taking care of kids and doing all those “mom things” to publish her books.  Shay’s cookbooks hit the stores TODAY!  So in honor of that, we’re giving away 10 sets of cookbooks!!  And one special winner receives a set of cookbooks and a mixer!  The giveaway is happening over on Instagram so make sure you see it and tag a friend.  🙂

If you haven’t ordered yours yet or some for a friend, you can order them on Amazon here and here.

 We started off Friday morning with a school assembly.  They were pumped we both got to be there.

I was wearing my new “Love” tee from KenLee Cait.  The funny part about this picture is I took 7 and I knew I had a couple good ones.  haha!  This was the only picture that was remotely NOT blurry!

Bowen and I hit up the new Play Street Museum with friends in McKinney. He was a HUGE fan!

 These three girls hula hooped in the Talent Show Friday night.  Ebby Lee is pretty quiet and shy in large crowds.  This was a HUGE deal for her.  She rocked it!

 My angle to get a picture of Ebby Lee on stage wasn’t the best, but these girls did SO good!  They hula hooped to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  Crazy proud of them!

Ms. Brittany came all the way from Austin to see the performance.  Well, I’m sure she came into town for other reasons, but she also watched the show.  🙂

Saturday morning, Nix had a basketball game.  This is actually from week one, but I just saw I’d been tagged on Facebook.

We had two extra boys on Saturday afternoon for a little play date so we hit up the park.  We played Ga-Ga (I don’t really know how to spell that-but the game in the pit).  I laughed and laughed.  My reflexes are like that of an elephant so the boys got me out quickly every single round.  Somehow the stars aligned and I pulled a win out ONCE!  Trust me when I say, “Everyone was shocked”.

Ebby Lee and I hit up the grocery store and the magazine aisle got her.  #shegetsitfromhermama

 M and G came over for fajitas that night.  Ebby Lee and M got a little creative with the dry erase boards.

Then we played a few rounds of Pie in the Face.  This happened to Nix, as he walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up he realized in all the commotion his tooth had come out!!  WILD round of that game, huh??  If you ask Nixon how he lost that tooth, he says, “Dad pulled it out”.  haha!  Apparently, Tab wiped some of the whipped cream off with a paper towel and Nixon is adamant that he pulled it out then.

We set out the milk (if you’ve never heard this-be thankful…haha!) for the tooth fairy.  My kids were told if you leave a cup of milk by your bed then the tooth fairy dips her wings in so you know what color the fairy was that came to your house?  Anyway, Ebby Lee was the first to loose a tooth over here and you better believe she wasn’t letting us forget this.  So we’ve done it ever since.  We had everything set out for the tooth fairy to arrive AND the fairies FORGOT!!  We watched some tv and went right to sleep.  When the big kids got up, the first thing they said on Sunday morning was, “the tooth fairy didn’t come”.  EEEK!!!!  MOM FAIL!  My Ga-Ga skills are crazy slow, but I came up with something crazy quick.  I told them that probably a TON of kids lost teeth yesterday and the tooth fairy might have been way too busy.  Also…he lost his tooth late on Saturday night, so I told them she probably went in order.  #idontknow  #ihadtothinkfast  #theyboughtit

Have you guys heard that about the tooth fairy?

I’ll be back tomorrow sharing “How to Win My Heart” with a Show and Tell Tuesday.  XOXO

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  1. 2.1.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my gosh! That's so funny because the first thing Nixon said to me at church was "Ms. Shay, look I lost my tooth" and I said, "Did the Tooth Fairy come?" and he said, "No, she forgot." and I was confused. I was like, did Nixon lose that tooth a long time ago and just now decide to tell me??? He totally didn't seem phased one bit that she forgot, he was just super pumped to show me his lost tooth. Sweet boy! I forgot once and sneaked back into K's room while she was brushing her teeth and getting ready for school and did it then…then acted like the fairy came while she was getting dressed. Being a mom is hard sometimes! Who has time to remember this stuff??? Thanks for hosting the giveaway girl!! xo

  2. 2.1.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    It's all I can do to remember to put the $ under the pillow, thank heavens Carter has never heard of the milk thing! Whew!

  3. 2.1.16
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun weekend!! Love the picture of Nixon with pie in the face!! What a funny and sweet boy!! Xo

  4. 2.1.16
    Kimm said:

    I'm so glad my kids never heard about that milk thing. And our tooth fairy has been delayed a day or two over here for sure a few times !

  5. 2.1.16
    Elizabeth said:

    That is quick thinking!! I probably would have panicked and cried and ruined the tooth fairy!!

  6. 2.1.16
    Megan said:

    I've never heard the milk thing!!! Better keep that a secret from the Butler boys!!! The weather was so nice!!!! I loved every minute!!

  7. 2.1.16
    Red, White & Sass said:

    Looks like a ton of fun. The girls look fabulous! So cute!

  8. 2.1.16
    Betsy said:

    Love your "she was busy" excuse. 😍

  9. 2.1.16
    Unknown said:

    When does the giveaway end?

  10. 2.1.16
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    What a fun weekend you guys had! It looks like those sweet girls had so much fun hula hooping at their show!! I've never heard of the milk game! Gosh, that is a fun idea but makes it more complicated!

  11. 2.1.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    I totally have been the mom on the fly with the tooth fairy!! My kids bought it too!!! I may have broken down once and told Ashlyn the Easter Bunny was not real….and she immediately asked about the rest of the "characters". Bad mommy moment!!!

  12. 2.1.16
    MissKimmie said:

    Can not wait to pick up the cookbooks.

  13. 2.1.16
    Cassi Jo said:

    I was a nanny for just over 10 years, and the family I worked for had 3 boys each 18 months apart. The older two didn't know about the tooth fairy dipping her wings in milk, but the little one found out from a friend at school. His parents did it for the first few teeth he lost, then he lost a tooth around Christmas time and he realized the colored milk was just food coloring because we had spent the entire day before baking sugar cookies and using food coloring to make different colored icing. The next morning when he saw the blue milk, it was apparently the "exact same blue" as some icing we made for our frozen shaped cookies… oops! Should've thought that through a bit better!

  14. 2.2.16
    Say Yes to Happy said:

    Hahah oh my gosh your tooth fairy story is amazing! I laughed out loud. Way to think on your feet! I probably would have panicked.

  15. 2.2.16
    Unknown said:

    How cute were the hulla hoop girls??! I can't wait until the girls are older and have the opportunity to participate in these fun activities! PS: the milk idea is too cute!