Friday Favorites

It’s FRIDAY!!  Today I’m joining Andrea and Narci to share our favorites!!  

Today is our last official week day of summer since school starts back on Monday. This summer we have logged a ton of hours at the pool, eaten out way too many times, stayed up way past our school bedtimes, and made some amazing memories.  Also we moved which is pure and utter chaos!  haha! 

Last week we celebrated Tab’s birthday at Marla’s house with a football-tailgate theme.  We love a good theme, so the kiddos and I dressed for the occasion.  🙂  Themes, birthdays, and family…all my FAVORITES!

Ebby Lee and I tried our hand at the selfie stick.  Where were we looking??  #weneedaselfiesticklesson Girl time with this little lady is my FAVORITE!!

Melt my heart.  My two FAVORITE little guys before the gym last week.

Mrs. Narci and Presley threw a little “Going to Kindergarten” party earlier this week.  One-on-one time with Nixon is my FAVORITE.

I must say that sending kiddo #2 is a bit easier than sending kiddo #1.  With the first, I had no idea what to expect.  A lot of my concerns were just because I didn’t know how things would go.  This time around I’m going to miss Nix without a doubt, but I know what to expect.  (and so does he…so he isn’t NEAR as nervous as Ebby Lee was).

 We made some predictions…hahaha!  A little peek into their fun personalities!

Kind of dark, but Nixon’s pose…do you understand the “Class Clown” comment now?  🙂

This week we finished up all those little errands that you have to do before school starts…new tennis shoes, new backpacks, AND new haircuts.  It’s even better if you follow that up with a cheeseburger and fries.  🙂  And Bowen might be vying for the “Class Clown” as well.

Lunch dates with these four are another FAVORITE!
We’re going to do our best to soak every bit of fun out of this weekend that we can.  Hope you do too!  Happy Friday!!  XOXO

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  1. 8.21.15
    life of lo. said:

    What great pictures this week! I have yet to try a selfie stick, must get one! I love the prediction boards, that is so fun!!

    Linds @ not a mom

  2. 8.21.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    HOW is it already back to school time again? LOVE the Slaughter kids and their SUPER FUN and SWEET personalities!

  3. 8.21.15
    Anonymous said:

    Aww!! I can't believe that it is here!! We had the best summer with our friends!! 🙂

  4. 8.21.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! That picture of Bowen and Nixon is so good! You need to frame that one!! Happy Friday!! xoxoxo

  5. 8.21.15
    Lea said:

    Cute, cute pictures of what looks like a whole lotta fun! Happy new school year!

  6. 8.21.15
    Kimm said:

    Love ebby lee'a hair! Have a great weekend!!!!

  7. 8.21.15
    Jenny said:

    I can't believe summer break is almost over. We still have 2 weeks left, but I know it's going to go by so fast. Have the best weekend!

  8. 8.21.15
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Love those photos from their Going to Kindergarten party! Hope you all have a great weekend and a great back to school week next week 🙂

  9. 8.21.15
    Grace said:

    I will actually explode of joy if Ebby Lee & Smith and Kensington & Nixon go to homecoming together. Although I thought Luke had dibs on Kensington?? Just jokes, but I love the mama group and how all the kiddos are friends too! Happy weekend!

  10. 8.22.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    So Fun – I am laughing at the selfie stick picture – I always have to remind myself to look at the top of my phone when taking a selfie!