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Ladies, today I’m sharing a blog reader turned friend with you!!  Kathryn and I have become dear friends.  She e-mailed me about a year ago about some Rodan + Fields’ products.  We started communicating about that.  Then a few months later she signed up on my team as a consultant!  We met up in person and have become fast friends.  She’s just as darling in person as she appears online. And…she’s gorgeous!  Kathryn doesn’t blog, but she does post on Instagram where she shares her life, fashion, and much more.  You can find her here.   Let me introduce you to Miss Kathryn….

My name is Kathryn Andres and I’m from Dallas, Texas.  I am the Office Manager for a construction/mining company in Dallas and am also a Consultant on Erika’s Rodan + Fields team.  I am a member at Park Cities Baptist Church and a graduate from Dallas Baptist University.  And now get ready to read about my crazy.  🙂

Want to know the craziest thing?  After I read the first several Owning It posts, I kept thinking about what my crazy tendencies were and thought I should start writing them down (to see if I had any crazy tendencies), but I never did.  After the post in July, I literally started writing them down in the notes section on my phone before Erika asked me to share my crazy.  That classifies as crazy, right?  Well get ready to feel a whole lot better about yourself either a) for not being this crazy or b) possibly having some of the same tendencies as me.
 I don’t like being cold.  I wear a jacket or long sleeve shirts often during the summer.  If I’m at home, I have a jacket on or a blanket around me (and I have a blanket under my desk at work and most days I bring a jacket to work).  I also cannot have the air conditioner in my car blowing directly at me, it has to be on, but blowing in a different direction.  I’m pretty much Goldilocks when it comes to temperature…I have to be just right.

 My OCD in high school made me fearful that if I didn’t do the exact same routine when leaving the house that I would get in an accident. Seriously, it would take me entirely too long just to get out the door…light switches on and off and on and off, walking down the exact same step with the same foot everyday…slowly touching the deep freezer to get to my car.  If I didn’t do it right, I would RE DO it.  Crazy, right? 

KATHRYN!!!  THIS is crazy!!!  hahaha!

 I have an obsession with Chick Fil A. See #4 below. Half and half tea is my favorite…and have you tried their regular iced coffee? If not, go now and get one.  It’s life changing.  (This is embarrassing, but I have been known to eat 7 consecutive meals at CFA!)  I went to college at Dallas Baptist University and it was only about 30 minutes away from where I grew up. Since dorm rooms are tiny and I had share a closet, I would leave a lot of things at home (costumes for events, winter clothes when it was warm, etc.) and then conveniently I would ask my mom to come and bring something to me. It usually happened on a Wednesday (because I’d need something by the weekend), so it became a thing that my mom would always come to campus on Wednesday and bring me whatever I needed from home. So of course I was going to hit her up for free lunch and, at the time, the only decent quick restaurant near campus was Chick Fil A. Pretty much all my friends knew to walk by my office at school right at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday if they, too, wanted a free lunch.

 I have a fear of eating alone in public. If I don’t have lunch plans with a friend, I either get something to-go or I will drive thru CFA so I don’t have to go in a restaurant and eat alone. This also applies to going to church alone. I would rather die than sit by myself in church. That sounds terrible and I have done it before, but I always walk out super anxious.

I’m weird about eating alone too.  Call me next time…I’ll eat with you.  🙂  But…sitting alone at church doesn’t bother me.

I mark emails unread if I haven’t accomplished the task at hand (even after I read them) and I also write down things on my to-do list just to cross them off.  I really wish you could mark texts or Facebook messages as unread because so many times I am way late on responding.  I even write “workout” on my planner just so I can check it off (and keep track of how many times I actually did).

I either have gel polish on or nothing. I hate, hate, hate chipped polish, so the first sign of a chip, I peel it off like crazy (and I am terrible at leaving a trail and leaving remnants of polish in the seat of every vehicle…oops!)

I just looked down to see crazy chipped nail polish on my nails.  I’m adding that to my to-do list.  🙂

 Sometimes I have extreme road rage. It sounds silly, but when someone does something stupid, all I want to do is honk my horn and yell “you idiot!” (I picked that phrase up from my Dad.)

I’m a sleuth. You need me to find something for you on the Internet, let me know and I’ll hunt it down. I seriously have a problem– or it could be a gift, depending on how you look at it. I’m not even kidding.  While house hunting, I’ve been guilty (on more than one occasion) of looking for a person’s obituary to determine if a house may be available (and to potentially track down family members).  If I had certain online subscriptions to websites that provided more information, than I could even get further down the rabbit hole of “researching.”

 I am guilty of buying something and then rebuying it if it goes on sale and I haven’t used it yet and it’s out of the “price matching” window. 

Cooking chicken makes me nauseous. A year ago, I sent Erika a chicken recipe that I loved to eat (and had made before), but I made it that night and threw it away because I felt so sick from making chicken in a skillet.  I haven’t made chicken since.

Hahahaha!!!  This is hilarious!

I’m allergic to corn, squashes, and spinach. Sounds crazy, I know. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal when the allergist told me I was allergic to corn, but then he started going into what it includes (and it’s not just corn on the cob)…popcorn, cream corn, chips, corn syrup, corn starch, cokes, some bacon, some prescriptions, and that’s just naming a few. I literally am the nut reading labels in the grocery store, not to see the calories or serving sizes, but to read the potential 50 different hidden corn names in food. I seriously am a big believer in allergy testing…you never know what you’re allergic to and I know I sound like a nut talking about it.

 I hate going to the movies. Even as a kid, my mom would beg me to go to the movies (and shopping, but thankfully I got over that one) and I wouldn’t go.

What?  You don’t like going to the movies??  Maybe it’s because you don’t eat the popcorn.  I’m not sure I’d like movies without the popcorn either.

I don’t forget birthdays.  I can remember birthdays of friends, teachers, or distant family members.  Even if you told me your birthday when I was 6, I still will remember it.

 I’m a big believer in wearing a dress to church on Sunday’s. I’m not sure why…maybe because in high school we went to church on Saturday nights or maybe because I wear work clothes all week, needless to say, I’m always in a dress on Sunday morning.

 I always carry my phone to the bathroom or in the elevator at work. I get to work early every morning and there is no one else on my entire floor and I’m terrified that someone may have been hiding in the bathroom all night. (Seriously, there was a guy that hid in the bathroom one day in the building I worked in just out of college, so there’s my justification.) I always have it in the elevator just in case I get stuck and need entertainment or to call for help.  My 85 year old grandfather just told me a story last week that he had got stuck in an elevator in a building in downtown Dallas many years ago (at least a 45 story building) and he said that there are some elevator shafts that don’t have openings to the floors because they are only designed to go to the higher floors…eek!  He said he was stuck for 45 minutes and this was in the days of no cell phones (and they only had an elevator phone, but no one was working since it was close to Christmas)…all the more reason to have my cell phone with me every time…to call for help (and for entertainment).

I have a theory that when you mention someone in conversation, they show up.  For example, if I talk about something I saw on Facebook about an old high school friend, I’ll end up running into them at lunch or at Target or something like that.  I mean people I haven’t seen in years, just suddenly appear! It seems strange and I promise I’m not gossiping, it’s just bizarre. It really happens all the time.

 I’m overly organized in some ways and not at all in others.  Clutter overwhelms me.  I can’t decorate with lots of stuff or have too many clothes (and currently I have way too many and I’ve already done two overhauls this year) or I get too overwhelmed.  I have my clothes organized by color, sleeve length, and item type.  I’ve had a planner since middle school and if it were to ever go missing, I might go insane.  I write everything in there and I try to be color coordinated with different events and items with different corresponding colors.  I also do this with file folders at work.

I might need you to come help me unpack and organize my closet a little better.  I love for things to be organized, but sometimes I can’t figure out HOW to get them organized.  🙂

I’d rather be behind the scenes than at the front of the room.  I worked for an event planner on campus in college and loved it so much. After I graduated with my Master’s, I came back and presented my mom with an award from the University and I was so nervous because I had to be in front of everyone versus hiding in the back and making the event happen.  I also hate opening up presents in front of people.  I’d rather just do it quietly while someone else opens up their gift.  Basically, I get super anxious to have all eyes on me.

 I’ve always preferred hanging out with adults or people older than me.  I was the 7 year old at a birthday party trying to be in the adult’s conversation (and what adult likes the kid to be involved in an adult conversation? Not one).  To this day, most of my friends are older.

 I have a fear of leaving my credit card somewhere.  I have a routine of leaving my wallet open while my credit card is out and then I quickly put it back in before signing anything.  After I’ve signed a receipt, I make sure again that it’s still in fact in my wallet (it’s similar to some people’s fear of leaving a candle burning or a garage door up).

 I am extremely particular about my socks and the positioning of the toe.  I’ve been like that since I could talk…I would say “sock hurt,” which meant that my sock didn’t feel right and that the line needed to be perfect across the top and not crooked in the least bit.  I will still take off my tennis shoe or boot if the sock doesn’t feel right.  Socks also can’t be too saggy around my leg either…when I find a sock I love, I stock up.

 I love even numbers. So much so, that I make a point that both the television and the car stereo have to be on an even number.  It goes further than that though…in my car, I turn the volume to the even number of my next birthday, i.e. now I’m on volume 28 even though I’m 27 years old.  So I’ll be listening to everything at that volume while the car is in motion until I turn 29, which is when I’ll start listening to my music at volume 30. Make sense? Oh and I always turn it back to 10 and then press off before I turn the car off because don’t want it startling me when I get back in the car. Also, I always have the thermostat in my car and at home on an even number.  This number obsession goes back to kindergarten, when I memorized the numbers that corresponded to each person’s name on the class list that was up on the wall.  I went home as a 5 year old telling my family about Jennifer Jones who was number 10 and then Zach Zimmerman who was number 26 and Suzie Anderson who was number 1, and I was number 2. (Obviously, I don’t remember these numbers or names now, but I had the class line memorized at the time and didn’t think a thing about it that it was the least bit odd.  It took my family some time to realize why I was associating numbers with names, but my mom figured it out while volunteering in my class.

This last one might be my favorite!!!

Thank you everyone for reading about my crazy habits!  Also, thank you so much for having me share my crazy today, Erika!  Still want to be my friend?  🙂

Kathryn!!!  Thank you SO much for sharing your crazy!  I’m sure we can all relate to some of it.  This little friendship is one of my very favorite things about blog-world!  Without it, I never would have this sweet friend in my life!  Again…thank you, Kathryn!!  Don’t forget to check out her Instagram here.

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  1. 8.20.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    First of all, I feel like it should be noted that Kathryn missed her calling as a super model. She's gorgeous!! And second of all, her "owning it" things cracked me up! I feel her on several of them!

    • 8.20.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Completely agree!!!

  2. 8.20.15
    Kimm said:

    Love this

  3. 8.20.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Yes…Kathryn is super model status. Maybe if I start eating LOTS of Chick-Fil-A I'll get prettier? I think I'll try it. 🙂

    • 8.20.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I'll be happy to try with you! 🙂

  4. 8.20.15
    Anonymous said:

    Kathryn is beautiful!! So funny!

  5. 8.20.15
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    Love these posts!! Good tip to bring the phone to the bathroom and in the elevator…but a little scary too!! So fun you are friends IRL!!

  6. 8.20.15
    Katie Smith said:

    I can totally relate to so many of your "owning it" things!!!! I loved this post it was awesome and adorable!!! 😘

  7. 8.20.15
    Laci said:

    Sadly I can relate to so many of Kathryn's crazy! Even numbers…oh lord I am the same way. Keeping things in a routine or something bad will happen, totally me! Too funny!

  8. 8.20.15
    Valerie Luehrs said:

    Love this! I found Kathryn through your blog for R&F stuff! I can relate to sooo many of these, phone in the elevator, unread/read emails, list goes on!! Too funny!

  9. 8.20.15
    Leigh said:

    So many of things are me too! I didn't realize how crazy I am until you started this series. The one big thing I have in common with Kathryn is food allergies! My mom is allergic to corn (and shellfish and tree nuts). Corn is in everything. I didn't know that helping my mom read labels was training for my future. I have food allergies, both my kids have food allergies. Label reading is one of the things I do best. 🙂 If I lived in Dallas we could grocery shop and read labels together.

  10. 8.20.15
    MissKimmie said:

    Oh my goodness. She is a doll. Instagram here I come.

  11. 8.20.15
    Kelsey said:

    I don't think I've ever commented on the owning it series before but this was crazy!!! And so so funny!!

  12. 8.20.15
    Corinne said:

    So funny! I relate to lots of these. I remember birthdays like crazy. It freaks people out sometimes when I say, "But isn't your birthday next week?" Also… CFA is amazing. I have a major thing for their Chikn Minis for breakfast. I've been known to drive-thru twice in one day, but then I have to go to two different locations so they don't "catch" me. Ha!

  13. 8.20.15
    Kathryn said:

    I loved sharing my crazy today! EEK! I'm so glad that I'm not alone in all of my craziness! Y'all are too sweet!

    Shay – You are SO sweet to say that! You are beautiful inside and out! Your friends would totally attest to that too.

    Sheaffer – I'm dying laughing! You are BEAUTIFUL! I seriously need selfie lessons from you because you are the Queen and always look gorgeous!

    Thank you sweet Kim and Narci!!

    Katie – Erika is just as sweet on her blog as IRL. She's so fun to "work" with too!

    Katie S. – Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my craziness!

    Laci – Even numbers have me…seriously, it's awful! Glad I'm not alone!

    Val – I'm so thankful for you and loved that you are an R+F PC and sweet friend! I am so glad I'm not alone in marking e-mails unread…I seriously wish there was a texting unread feature! I NEED it!

    Leigh – I hate that your mom has a corn allergy and that you and your kids have allergies. I am a big advocate of getting tested. I originally went to get tested for seafood, but then walked away home free on that, but not with the veggies…crazy, right? I had an allergic reaction to shrimp in h.s. on a mission trip where my lip literally swelled up on one side like in the movie Hitch…it was nuts! I was allergic to Red #40 as a kid and my personality would change completely when I had it. Corn has been the biggest battle so far. Thankfully I am not overly sensitive where I can still eat corn fed beef, etc., but it's in so many products.

    Miss Kimmie – You are so sweet!

    Kelsey – Glad you enjoyed my craziness!

    Corinne – I definitely freaked out my fair share of people pre Facebook when I would remember their birthday. Glad we have the CFA love in common…except I've totally been through the same one twice in a day! I need to take after you and not. I even literally went through twice at lunch last week…I forgot something and needed ice for my tea that melted it all. I'm a nut!

    Thank you again Erika!! So thankful for your friendship!

  14. 8.20.15
    life of lo. said:

    I really stopped in my tracks when I read that she peels her nail polish if it chips and leaves a train of it! I AM THE SAME WAY! I thought I was the only that does that, my husband literally says, Lindsay, stopppp ha!

    Linds @ not a mom

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      Glad I'm not the only one that gets called out for picking again! Ha!

  15. 8.20.15
    Kara said:

    These are cracking me up! I'm with you on that bathroom thing! I had the same fear as an intern in college because they found a homeless person living in the bathroom!! And I'm very sad you cannot have popcorn 🙁 that is a staple for me!

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      Glad it's not just me carrying my phone to the bathroom!! Thanks for sharing, Kara!

  16. 8.20.15
    Unknown said:

    I can totally relate to so many of your "crazies" as I share a lot of them!! You're my kind of girl Kathryn 👍🏼

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      We should be friends!

  17. 8.20.15
    Val @ Chicken Scratch. said:

    This is hilarious and makes me feel better about my own "crazy"….I seriously have many similar "issues" as her! hahahahahaha I'm an odd numbers girl and have issues with volumes being too loud so I got super anxious about her turning her volume up that loud. Like I'm talking I spaz out if my tv is above 9 (obviously, my entire family hates this about me because they can't hear anything! LOL!

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      I have terrible hearing (probably because I listen to things so loudly)! I love that your a numbers girl too!

  18. 8.20.15
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    First of all, can you come organize my closet and help me de-clutter 🙂 I'm totally with you on so many things…no A/C directly on me, but I have to have it on, love half and half CFA tea, hate eating alone…will avoid it at all costs, and I'm so glad someone else shares the same obsession with socks needing to be perfectly fit on their feet. Sometimes I will take my shoes on and off multiple times a day to fix my socks so the toe liner isn't hitting my toes uncomfortable. Love your crazy! 🙂

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      Let's seriously be friends, Olivia! I love organizing!!

  19. 8.20.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    So funny!! And yes, we all feel more normal with this series!! Own it Kathryn!!

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      Thank you Leigh!! Owning it! 😜

  20. 8.20.15
    Gloria said:

    Love this!! Kathryn and I must be one in the same person. Hilarious!! Can we be friends??!! I am just as crazy!!

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      Let's be friends, Gloria!!!! So glad you get my crazy!

  21. 8.20.15
    Unknown said:

    I feel her so much with the even numbers! I've planned all four our my kids' due dates to be even numbers and I've given birth to each of them on an even date. And that's just the tip if my even number crazy 😉

    • 8.21.15
      Kathryn said:

      I love that your an even numbers girl too!!

  22. 8.22.15
    Unknown said:

    I feel like there are so many things this girl and I have in common! It's crazy. I am not only ocd as well, but I agree with you about the socks (I would cry in elementary school if my socks were not on correctly how I liked them. They had to fit a certain way), taking your phone to the bathroom (I do the same thing and have actually dropped it in the toilet because of it), and so much else! I feel like we could be best friends 😉😂