Friday Favorites

Hey Hey!

Friday means one thing around here…FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Narci, Andrea, and I are bringing you our FAVORITES from the week.

Here we go, friends!

This picture is super dark, but earlier this week our local elementary school teachers caroled in our neighborhood.  I realize as a teacher-this is a huge sacrifice but as a parent it is one of THE coolest things.  The teachers all load up in a decorated bus, make pit stops throughout our neighborhoods, hop off and sing a few songs before getting back on the bus.  I love our school and I love our teachers…this is just one of the many reasons.  🙂

After dropping the kiddos off at school, I walked in, looked down at myself and thought-I’M SO GLAD MY CAR DIDN’T BREAK DOWN THIS MORNING IN THE CARPOOL LINE!  If you guys could have seen how my face/hair looked at the moment…well…it looked just about as good as the bottom half.  
The Sunday after Thanksgiving our church decks the halls and goes all out for the first Christmas service of the season, McKinney Christmas.  This year it was amazing and I realized I’d forgotten to share it with you.  If you have 45 minutes to an hour, I’d highly recommend you watching.  You can see it HERE.

 We had our annual, “Look at Christmas Lights Night”…fresh out of the showers and in Christmas pajamas we got comfy, cozy in the car.  My pajamas are here-just my color is sold out.

 We THOUGHT we were driving through the Starbucks’ drive thru but our local Starbucks’ drive-thru was having a computer issue and the drive-thru wasn’t working.  Bowen and I were the only two wearing REAL shoes so with a head full of wet hair we went inside to order.

 Five kiddo hot cocoas were on the menu.  🙂

This was my favorite house for the night…super cute!
Okay, girls…sometimes Hallmark movies are a little too easy too cheesy for me, but I’m a fan of this one!  Ebby Lee and I watched it earlier this week.  It was cute…if you haven’t seen it, DVR this one!
This made me LAUGH this week!  How many of you mamas are gifting new underwear and socks??!!  Hahahahaha!

 Yesterday, I got to chaperone Ebby Lee’s choir field trip.  I got this cutie off to school.

 Wore my favorite waterproof booties

and enjoyed getting to spend my day with these girls.  🙂

That’s a look at my FAVES from the week!

Happy, Happy Weekend Everyone!

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