Friday Favorites-What a Week Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!

Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our FAVORITES from the week.

Whoa!  It’s been a WEEK around here.  My little sore throat happened to actually be THE FLU!  So, I spent a majority of my week in bed.  Which leads me to my first FAVORITE…my people and Netflix.  🙂

I had so many sweet friends checking in on me, dropping off goodies, picking up kiddos, etc.  I’m so very thankful for my friends.  Also Tab cancelled a work trip to stay in town to hold down the fort, which was so nice.  My people are a big FAVORITE!  And Netflix…Netflix kept me company all day long.

 I shared this picture of one-hundred-year-old Bowen on Insta-Stories last week.  Have you ever seen someone look more pitiful?  Eye roll from mom.  He was all about his “look” until I parted his hair to the side.  In his world, he’ll have spiked hair even when he’s one hundred.  Later in the day, a teacher posted a picture of him at school with a big smile on his face…definitely a FAVORITE after sending him to school like this!

 Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Little sister’s FAVORITE thing to do is mimic anything she sees her siblings do.  After Bowen’s basketball game on Saturday, she plopped herself in a chair, and propped her head up just like her brother.

 My FAVORITE volleyball team played their last game of the season on Saturday.  These girls played so hard and got so much better on the court!  It was so fun to watch!

 Last one of the season. 🙂

 Britty and I were representing on Super Bowl Sunday in our stars and stripes for church.

 These two are my FAVORITE!

 My FAVORITE referee. 🙂

 The weather early this week was amazing…there was an impromptu party outside of our house full of elementary aged kids and all the bikes…FAVORITE, for sure!

It’s pretty short and sweet, today!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!  And keeping my fingers crossed everyone in my house stays healthy!


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  1. 2.8.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am soooooo happy that you're feeling better!!

  2. 2.8.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    So happy you are on the mend!!!! I lol'd at Bowen's annoyed face. 🙂

  3. 2.8.19
    Anonymous said:

    What a week for you! The picture of you and Britt on Super bowl Sunday is soooo adorable!

  4. 2.8.19
    Dustie Day said:

    If you use or have essential oils, make a flu bomb for your kiddos! I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  5. 2.8.19
    Simply Tish said:

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! That flu is NO JOKE! Sweet Britty gets me every.single.time. Hope you guys have a great weekend!
    Simply Tish

  6. 2.8.19
    Melissa @ Finding My Mojo said:

    Oh shoot, sorry to hear you ended up getting the Flu! I ready your Keurig post yesterday when you mentioned your sore throat and hoped it would be nothing, ugh! Love all of the pis…the one of Bowen less than thrilled about his hair part at the beginning reminded me of my son! 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  7. 2.8.19
    Tractors and Glam Blog said:

    That is so cute that Britt likes to copy her older siblings. I am also glad you are feeling better, I hope no one else in your house gets it!

  8. 2.8.19
    Elaine Welte said:

    I hope you're feeling better!! Love Britty's little red ruffle pants!

  9. 2.8.19
    Haley Bishop said:

    BOO for the flu, I had that last year, ICKY! Do you do Upward basketball? Case is on his 4th year and we LOVE IT! K attempted cheer leading through it this year, but she has already "retired" ��

  10. 2.8.19
    Tanya said:

    The flu…that's the worst. I hope you are feeling better and no one else gets it. Get some rest!

  11. 2.8.19
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    Oh no sweet momma! So sorry you had the flu. Hope you are all well soon. Britty is just too cute copying her siblings.

  12. 2.8.19
    Joanne said:

    Sorry to hear you were down with the flu; but how wonderful to have lots of help.

  13. 2.9.19
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you so much for hosting again this week. You always do so much for bloggers! Have a relaxing week! I am off to see some posts. Looks like a lot of inspiration tonight.

  14. 2.9.19
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you so much for hosting again this week. You always do so much for bloggers! Have a relaxing week! I am off to see some posts. Looks like a lot of inspiration tonight.

  15. 2.10.19
    csuhpat1 said:

    Thanks for hosting and looks like you had a wonderful week.

  16. 2.10.19
    Mareliz said:

    Thank you so much for hosting another party. I brought our favorite pork dish back home. Have a lovely week.