Friday Favorites-6.28.24

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! Depending on what time you’re reading this, odds are we’re ON OUR WAY TO THE BEACH! WAHOOO! After a crazy week of work and baseball, this relaxing time is much needed! To put it mildly, we are EXCITED about a little vaca!

As always, I’m linking up with my girl, Andrea, to share some FAVORITES from my week!

First FAVORITE is THESE BOYS BROUGHT HOME 1ST PLACE in the Gold Bracket! It was a hard fought week but this group BATTLED it out. They went into the championship game without a loss in bracket play. They decided to keep things interesting and lose that game which meant we had to play the SAME TEAM AGAIN {because we didn’t have a loss yet and the other team did}. In game two, we were up 6-2, and let them come back to tie in the last inning. In DOUBLE OVERTIME, we got the WIN!

While it was CRAZY hot and we’d been at the ball field for twelve hours, I wouldn’t trade these kind of days for anything! Tab was out of town for work but got to the first championship game just in time. Poor guy had to watch two games in JEANS!

As we were walking to the car all sweaty and exhausted, Tab said, “We’re running out of these days”. And my heart almost broke!

Some days on the ball field are REALLY hard, and other days all the tough is worth the fight. Proud of this kid! He battled it out this week!


Check out my FAVORITE pup’s parents! Champ’s parents are expecting another litter this summer and while you guys know I’m a COMPLETE ROOKIE when it comes to all things dog ownership, he’s a FAVORITE in our house. From what I hear he’s a REALLY GOOD dog! {According to neighbors who see him often. In fact, one neighbor wants to get a sibling.}. And other than chewing on one particular chair, he listens and obeys the rules. He’s going to a boarding/training program while we’re out of town and we’re already talking about how much we’ll miss him.


Friends, this dress is a new FAVORITE! It’s under $35, comes in so many different colors AND the shorts aren’t built in, which means you don’t have to get completely undressed to use the restroom {if you know, you know}. I bought the medium and it’s perfect! I have the navy and both times I’ve worn it to the ball field, I got compliments!


Another great Amazon find is this new FAVORITE romper! Ebby Lee wouldn’t agree to a pic BUT she got this romper in black and loved it so much we ordered the pink as well. It fits very true to size based on your waist length. Once again, lots of fun colors and a great price!


Your TURN…I need some HELP PLEASE! On a beach vacation, we’ll do a little mix of eating out and cooking at our house. However, I like the food to be different or extra special so it doesn’t feel like regular food we’d eat at home. Do I overthink this? PROBABLY! But I’m certain some of you guys do the same thing! PLEASE HELP! What do you cook, make, or buy that makes vacation food feel a little extra fun versus making the same…tacos, spaghetti, etc. on vacation? And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that. When we used to go on a family beach vacation and each family took a night to make dinner for 15-20, I always chose tacos! But since it’s just the six, I think I should make it a little “extra”. Any ideas??


And that’s a wrap on posting in June! Since next week is 4th of July and I’ll be out of town anyway, I’m going to take the week off. Holiday weeks always have lower views here in blog world so I’ll be back on July 8th with some summer fun. You guys have a great week celebrating the USA!

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