Friday Favorites-6.24.22

WAHOO!! It’s FRIDAY! How’s the weather where you live? Here in North Texas, it’s been HOT! And let me tell you, hot is how it feels outside even when you have a nice cool house. Our house is missing a back wall so it’s CRAZY hot right now! The kids and I have been piling into my bedroom where the AC is working great! And as I’m typing this post {on Thursday afternoon} I’m sitting in Marla’s nice, cool living room living the dream. The boys have some baseball stuff this early afternoon/evening {meaning Thursday} so the girls and I snuck off to an air conditioned house.

I’m teaming up with Andrea to share my FAVORITES from the week. 🙂

Our pool had a little “Gritty Jump Competition” earlier this week in lieu of the typical “Cannonball Contest”. And guess who took home the gold? Britty grittied down the diving board and ended with a toe-touch. One of her FAVORITE moments from the week.


My FAVORITE article of clothing this summer is hands-down a skort! I rounded up a few that I own and a few that I don’t {but happen to be CUTE} just in case you’re in the market for an addition to your wardrobe. And I added a few of my FAVORITE tanks.

  1. Athleta Bright White Tank | 2. LuLuLemon Running Tank | 3. Lily Pulitzer Westly Tank | 4. Athleta Twist Tank | 5. Athleta SwiftLite Skort | 6. Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Skort {I have this one in coral}| 7. Lilly Pulitzer Active Skort | 8. Zella Performance Skort


Some of our friends went out of town and had dog sitters/dog walkers all lined up except there was one mid-day time slot where they needed the dogs let out. You guys know me. I have zero dog skills but Bowen, Britt and I volunteered to help. These are the pictures I sent to my girlfriend attempting a selfie with her dogs. Basically, I’m terrible at dog pics, but it was a FAVORITE moment. We laughed and laughed! {And WHERE was Bowen? How’d he not even make a pic?}


If you missed my post on Thursday, you should read! I recapped our week in Florida where mixed the beach with some baseball. It was a FAVORITE week away with my people.


Okay, here’s a little peek at what’s going on inside our house. A FAVORITE part of this picture is I see things moving along! {ALL THE PRAISE HANDS FOR THAT!}. We’re expanding that back wall of our living room/kitchen area. See what I mean about hot?

This was me sitting inside the AC at Marla’s at I type. :). Our goal for the weekend is to get all of our master bathroom, master bedroom, and master closet packed up so the team can get started in there. I better scoot because that’s a lot of packing!

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Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!


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