Friday Favorites-6.23.23

Hey Friends! Happy FRIDAY! Last Friday kicked off the beginning of Bowen’s World Series here in Dallas. He played through Tuesday and then his team lost. Not our FAVORITE way to end a season. We had a few days off and today Nixon’s team starts their World Series here in Dallas. Basically, lots of baseball is happening again this week.

Andrea and I are here with some Friday FAVORITES from our week. 🙂

In no particular order…

This girly and I wanted to let you know the Texas + baseball + JUNE combination are NOT our FAVORITE. Last week was HOT and next week is supposed to be even warmer. Give me a pool any day in this heat but a ball field? No thanks.


We celebrated Father’s Day with a church service where they passed out bacon to honor all the dads. Now that is something I can get behind. :). Bowen’s FAVORITE service to date. ha! A super cute idea though, right?


We had lunch out, had the most chill afternoon {Bowen didn’t have any games on Sunday} and then I cooked dinner for Father’s Day. These four kids have the very best in the “dad” department! He’s their FAVORITE!

And we celebrated with Tab’s dad, another FAVORITE, that evening as well!


Another FAVORITE right now? The COLLEGE WORLD SERIES! I absolutely love it! Our whole family watches and we’re INTO IT! On Father’s Day we were watching and I spotted one of my FAVORITE families in the stands! That’s Bowen/Britt’s speech therapist with her cute family watching ORU in Omaha!


We might not be loving the temps but getting to spend my days watching my FAVORITE kids play one of their FAVORITE sports is always a good time. Britty is the best sport about watching baseball. She’s a trooper!

If you missed my first post about our latest FAVORITE trip, you can ready Part One in this post.


Part two, another few days of FAVORITES, is live in this post as well. Part Three is coming next week!


Now I’m off to get to two baseball games and then drop Bowen off at church camp. He’s super excited and my mama heart is a bit nervous! Hope you have the best weekend! See you back here on Wednesday!


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  1. 6.23.23

    So many fun favorites! Especially the baseball! Have a great weekend!

  2. 6.23.23

    Love reading all the fun summery things your family is experiencing! The bacon at church is such a fun idea! 🙂 I am heading over to read all about Iceland! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  3. 6.23.23
    Sheaffer said:

    Bacon at church? Carter would have been so pumped! Sorry we missed it! 🙂

  4. 6.23.23
    Marissa said:

    Erika you inspired me to turn on the CWS a couple of years ago- we became obsessed and I am actually in Omaha right now- my kids have become LSU fans and we are staying through the weekend to (hopefully) watch them win it all! You have to make the trip with your fam- super family friendly here and easy to navigate- the low humidity has me wondering if I could live here but can not even imagine a winter in Nebraska as a southern girl!

    • 6.23.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Marissa!! This MADE MY DAY!! I can’t wait to ALL ABOUT IT!

  5. 6.23.23

    I’m with your girl, it’s been hot here and England hot I imagine is nothing compared to Texas hot. Eek!
    The bacon at church is such a cute idea.
    It sounds like a fun packed week!

  6. 6.27.23
    Kathryn Lindsay Katz said:

    Where is that white top (zip up) from? It’s darling!