Friday Favorites-4.15.22

Happy Weekend! No matter how you made your way to Friday, possibly rolling or barely crawling into the weekend, you made it! Andrea and I are back for Friday Favorites! Mine are gonna be super short and sweet today because it’s been a crazy week and I’m one of those people who crawled to Friday. 😉

First up, we have a new 12-year-old in the house! Nixon had a birthday on Tuesday and with every intention known to man to keep this trip a secret my sweet husband let it slip. Nix, Tab, and some of Nixon’s favorite friends are going to have a great weekend. It’s gonna be a FAVORITE for Nix, no doubt.


Yesterday, I got to attend Britt’s Easter egg hunt at her preschool. The parents were cracking up because the whole class walked out so quietly, they hunted eggs without a sound, and the teachers were shocked. Quietest they’ve been all day! ha! Guess eggs with treats will do that to you.

Always a FAVORITE getting to see this girly at her school!


It’s that time of year again! Here in Texas, we’re already thinking of warm enough days to sit pool side so I rounded up a list of my FAVORITE pool bag items! Not sure if any of these will make it by Easter Sunday, but some of the items would make great additions to an Easter Basket as well.


Next FAVORITE is all due to Texas allergies. They’re kicking my tail. I really shouldn’t complain because I’m not a yearly sufferer but every year around Nix and Ebby Lee’s birthday I suffer. The FAVORITE isn’t the allergies, but Starbucks’ Medicine Ball drink. I had my first of the allergy season yesterday and was reminded how much they help! I bought my own ingredients last year to make it myself. I found the details right here in this blog post.


Last night was a FAVORITE! Sally Hepworth, a New York Times Best Selling Author, came to McKinney, Texas, and I got to hang with her! I remember reading her first book, The Secrets of Midwives, and falling in love with her writing. Since then she’s written six other books and I’ve loved each and every one. I haven’t read her latest, The Younger Wife, yet. But she was so sweet, so down to earth, and just a joy to get to meet. Every bit as precious as she looks!


Sunday’s coming, friends. A FAVORITE Easter quote…praying for you and your family this Easter season.


Okay, that wraps up my short and sweet FAVES today! Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. 4.15.22
    Elspeth said:

    Have a great weekend! Hopefully it’s relaxing too!

  2. 4.15.22

    Last night was MAGICAL!!!! My kiddos are both so excited to celebrate your kiddos tonight too! xx

  3. 4.15.22
    MelanieL said:

    Thanks for sharing the pool bag packing list, so helpful! Have a great weekend!

  4. 4.15.22
    Suzanne said:

    Oh my gosh! How wonderful that you got to meet Sally Hepworth! She is an excellent author. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. 4.15.22
    Lynn said:

    Tell us about your dress! Love it!

  6. 4.16.22
    Joanne said:

    So many wonderful favorites this week Sorry to hear allergies are kicking your butt… I am not looking forward to that.

  7. 4.19.22
    Terry said:

    I love the dress you wore to the book night. Would you please share where you found it?

  8. 4.19.22
    Dana said:

    Would you please do a hair styling tutorial for me? I love your hair and would love to know how you have it cut and how you style it!