A Weekend Round-Up

I’m not sure how interested you guys are in seeing family pictures from our everyday life, but I think back to my yearly survey where I always ask for what you want more of/less of and each time I hear how you’d prefer to have more daily life. So a big round up of weekend pictures was born. 🙂

Last week when Tab and I were in Dallas for dinner, the big kids were both at practice, and Bowen and Britt went to a family friend’s soccer game. Can you tell they thought they were super cool hanging with big kids? They had so much fun!

This past weekend was a crazy sports one for us-Bowen, Nixon, and Ebby Lee all had sports tournaments so we did as much dividing and conquering as humanly possible. Nixon and Tab went to Oklahoma for a big baseball tournament starting Friday evening. Britt and I drove up just for the game on Friday evening.

Saturday was Ebby Lee’s birthday! Can’t believe we have a teenager in the house! Britt and I went to her big tournament in Dallas for the day. Britt might have enjoyed herself a bit. Can you tell?

I happened to be able to watch one of my favorite pitchers from my phone as I was sitting in the gym. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for technology?

Meanwhile, Tab and Nix were having fun with Nixon’s team! Not only thankful for technology this weekend but other moms who sent pictures of the fun being had.

We had a little breakfast celebration with her favorite breakfast casserole and fruit before heading to volleyball. Then we found ourselves in a fast food drive-thru at 8:30 p.m. to grab our celebratory dinner.

And we followed it up with a little cookie cake at 9:00! {Just what my pre-summer body needs-ha!}. We have a fun birthday celebration planned this next weekend when there aren’t sports.

Sunday, Ebby Lee went to volleyball with a friend and I went to watch Bowen. Bowen’s playing on a new team this season and their team had yet to get past the semi-finals in a tournament. They did it this weekend though by going all the way! Their team is tough, full of grit, and they have the best battle back mentality. If they get down on the scoreboard? They don’t seem to mind. They just go out and hit! It was a really great day to watch them battle all the way to the end. And battle they did-Bowen’s team WON the championship game! Tab and Nix made it back just in time for the last game. What a perfect way to end the weekend!

Proud of these North Texas Hawks!

I can’t really put into words the way this brother relationship works. Sometimes they fight like cats and dogs and other times they play well together for hours. Tab and I congratulated Bowen big, but the one who he was the most excited to show the ring off to was older brother, Nixon. Melt my heart and well, an answer to many of my mama prayers. Please know Nixon had the sweetest response. They talked for a few minutes and then the brotherly stuff kicked in so I’m for sure keeping them on my prayer list. 😉

Ebby Lee found many school friends during her tournament.

And we took lots of pictures of the championship team!

Because they hadn’t gotten enough baseball in over the weekend, Tab and the boys {along with many of Nixon’s teammates} went to Opening Day at Rangers’ Stadium on Monday. What is it about that red, white, and blue? It’s absolutely stunning!

And with the game going into extra innings they got to see a good one!

That wraps up our past weekend! I haven’t had time to even think about an Easter dress this year. Have you? Just in case you’re like me, I found a lot of CUTE dresses right from Amazon that will hopefully arrive before Easter Sunday!

1. Purple Tie Strap  / 2. Boho Pink Plaid / 3. Floral Blue Maxi / 4. Floral A Line  / 5. Pink Swing Dress / 6. Sage Swing Dress / 7. Ruffle VNeck / 8. Chiffon Ruffle Midi

Now I’m on my way to make sure our baskets are ready!

Happy Thursday, Friends!


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  1. 4.14.22
    Elspeth said:

    What a busy busy weekend! I love your weekend roundups! So fun!

  2. 4.14.22

    What a busy, full and FUN weekend for the birthday kids!!

  3. 4.14.22
    Mary Straus said:

    Hi Erika, while we don’t know each other I am a big fan of both yours and Shays blog. I read them everyday.
    Anyways, I know you are in the throws doing some remodeling of your house and was wondering if you would share any updates/pictures.
    I wish you and your family a very and early “HAPPY EASTER “. 😊

  4. 4.14.22
    Addie said:

    SO FUN meeting you today at the book signing! You are just as sweet, kind and beautiful in person!