Friday Favorites-2.24.23

Hey Hey Hey! It’s the curse of the four day school week. It gets me every time and somehow that small, four day week feels like seventeen days. #howdoesthathappen I’m struggling to get to the Friday finish line but we made it, friends!

Today, I’m holding down the fort with my girl, Andrea! Each and every Friday, we share a big list of FAVORITES! And each week we invite you to join us!

First up, we haven’t even gone and I’m already calling this a FAVORITE-hahahaha! BUT I’m so excited about our Spring Break plans {and our Spring Break kicks off in just one week!} with this crew. We’re headed for sunny skies and sandy beaches!


I’m sharing this Ruth Bible Study AGAIN, because FAVORITE! Kelly Minter wrote this study years ago and my goodness-I wish I’d have done it sooner. It’s so good! I have a special Grandma Ruth so I’ve always been drawn to that book of the bible, plus it almost reads like a fictional story. Love, loss, legacy, the kindess of a stranger…almost like a Hallmark movie, you know? In this study, she pulls out so many little pieces I’d never noticed or nuggets of information I’d never studied before.

Encountering God is Kelly’s latest study and I’m already looking forward to reading that.

And another one I’m DYING to ready is Beth Moore’s memoir…

All My Knotted-Up Life. Those two books are already on their way to my house!


This is a terrible picture but the point is…my FAVORITE salsa for eggs. The Yellowbird Serrano Sauce is SO DELISH! It tastes the best with eggs or Shay’s Cheesy Ranch Tacos.


Did you see my post from Tuesday? It’s about some of my FAVORITE friends on a girls’ getaway to Nashville. We seriously had the best time and laughed so hard! Sheaffer shared all the details in her post, if you’re thinking of a girl’s trip-you should check it out!

Almost all of my clothes from the trip are here…

One Shoulder Fringe Bodysuit | Evereve One Shoulder Sweatshirt | Leopard Boots | Fringe Leather Jacket | Free People Long Sleeve Shirt | Tan Booties | Black Leather Booties Annie Bing Tee | Denim Jumpsuit | Denim Mini Dress | Wallen Shirt 

In Sheaffer’s post she mentioned her roommate, this year these two were my roomies…


My FAVORITE bike is back in business in the Slaughter House. When we moved out, we somehow lost the power plug to our bike. I ordered a replacement and we’re good to go. Now I’d LOVE to hear your FAVORITE rides. I’m on the hunt for some new ones. Please share!!


I’m signing off for the day! We have a really great gala to attend this evening and I’m looking forward to it! Happy Weekend!


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  1. 2.24.23
    Elspeth said:

    Love the round up of favorites! Have a wonderful weekend !

  2. 2.24.23
    Caitlin Davies said:

    I just love your posts and the studies you shared look so great. Personal question did you regularly do Bible studies when your kids were young? I have two young kids and I have really been struggling to make the time.

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Caitlin, I tried, but it was so hard. I didn’t even know what a podcast was when my kids were really little but that’s what I’d suggest for you in this stage. There are so many great daily podcasts that you could listen to as you’re getting ready or folding laundry or even in the car.

  3. 2.24.23
    Rebecca said:

    Thank you so much for hosting this each week! I love reading and connecting with so many others in this space and hearing their Friday Favorites! 🙂

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks for reading, Rebecca!

  4. 2.24.23

    I’m ready to leave for Spring Break right now. Like today. We should just go now. I’m also so excited for Beth Moore’s new book too!

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Mine just arrived!!

  5. 2.24.23
    Elizabeth Whisler said:

    Hi Erika! This week I just finished the Discovery Your Powerzones challenge on the bike (click on classes and then Programs and it’s on that list) and I loved (hated) it! It definitely challenged me! I also think that the part where you have to complete whatever week you are in, within 7 days, to unlock the next week kind of kept me motivated and accountable. It was 5 weeks long. Anyway, it was fun to track the progress from the test during the first week vs. the test during the last week. I plan to start the next one “Build Your Powerzones” in a couple weeks after our spring break trip, etc.

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Elizabeth! I should give this a try!

  6. 2.24.23
    Sarah Madsen said:

    I don’t have a Peloton bike, but I have the app and LOOOOOOVE the strength training workouts and stretches. Adrian, Rad, Callie and Selena are my favs!!!

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I haven’t done a strength class in a while. Maybe it’s time!

  7. 2.24.23
    Julie said:

    GAH I could talk Peloton all day!

    My fave rides that I can take over and over again are Robin’s Greatest Showman ride, Robin and Jess Sims Lizzo ride, and any Cody XOXO ride, or basically any Cody ride (he’s my fave). I’m also pumped to take Leann and Cody’s ride that they just did yesterday sometime this weekend. Love my Peloton!

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks for those recs! I’d say Robin’s Greatest Showman ride is also one of my faves and there’s a Whitney Houston ride that I also LOVED!

  8. 2.24.23
    Andrea said:

    Bike bootcamps are my favorite. I LOVE Callie. She is so positive and funny. Jess if you want to get your booty kicked. Try groove rides with Cody or Emma for something fun. 🙂

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I’ve never done a groove ride! WILL try ASAP! Thank you!

  9. 2.27.23
    Natalie Rieger said:

    I am loving the Peloton Bootcamp classes! Also, can you post a picture of you wearing the denim jumpsuit? It’s SO cute! I’m 5’9″ but the 35″ inseam seems a tad long….

    • 2.28.23
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes! Let me take a pic today! And I’ll post this week!