Episode 20: Breaking Down the Podcast by The BOYS!


My family needed that three-day weekend!  Whew!  We were a little puny by the end of last week so to get an extra day before we hit up another week was absolute perfection!  

There’s a new episode of The Bestie Breakdown out today and once again, we’ve got the GUYS sitting in our podcast chairs.  Shay and I turned over the mics once again to Tab and Andrew.  You guys seemed to really enjoy them last time so we had them takeover and cover the first nineteen episodes of The Bestie Breakdown.  I think you’ll love this one!

They’re real, they’re raw, and they’re extremely honest.

My favorite part might have been when Tab said, “I’m really bad at laundry.  Like really bad.  Like not helpful at all.”.  hahahahaha!  I’m thankful he gave me all the laundry credit.  

Or it could have been when Andrew called us his, “B Team”.  hahahaha!  WHAT?!  

I think you guys will enjoy the chat and relate so very much.  You can listen here or you can follow along on your favorite podcast platform.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. 10.12.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun chat!! I can’t wait to listen! I love your guys friendship!

  2. 10.12.21
    Tasha said:

    Tab I think you meant crowning not cresting when the baby's head comes out LOL!