Friday morning we all loaded up and headed out to Canton. I have no pictures of that b/c we were too busy shopping! My grandparents stayed at home with the kiddos. After a full day of shopping we came back and got ready. Then we headed out again to go to Dave & Buster’s for the night. Ebby Lee didn’t know what to think about all the lights. She was loving on Grandma!

Marla, Jared, and Bruce…Tab yawning in the background. We stayed up late ALL weekend, but it was worth it…we were having lots of fun!

Playing ski-ball

Grandma and Ebby Lee hung out at this game almost the whole night. Ebby Lee liked watching the horses race across. She would wave “hi” to them.

Lots of ski-ball players this time. Nixon got in on this action. He was such a good boy. He must have enjoyed the bright lights too.

Part of the group playing the horse racing game.

Ebby Lee waving at the horses. Whitney thought this was funny!

Mama and Ebby Lee…we called it quits earlier than everyone else. With 10 people playing games, they won an insane amount of tickets. Ebby Lee and Nixon got really great prizes! Night #2 of getting the kiddos to bed at 11!!! But…we had a great night! They slept really late the next day!

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