Busy Thursday…

Thursday morning, everyone did random things. Some people went to the gym, others went shopping, and the girls went to get pedicures. After that one car left to go to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Grandpa Hency and Tab on the field.
I have no idea what they’re doing here…but it looks like they had fun!

Whitney and Lindsey posing in the locker room.

Then everyone met up at Joe T.’s in Ft. Worth for a delicious dinner. This is the crew at dinner. Ebby Lee and Nixon stayed at home with Amber. Poor Amber! Ebby Lee wasn’t feeling well…so she was super clingy and Nixon was being a mess! I think that put Amber back another year or two for wanting kids!

After dinner, we headed over to Billy Bob’s for line dancing lessons. That was a huge ordeal! It’s called, “Family Fun Night” at Billy Bob’s and says something about bringing the whole family. I saw about 8 small children ranging from 6 months to 8 years old while we were there, but for some reason b/c I didn’t have my i.d. they wouldn’t let me in?? They were super rude about this. After lots of digging, we discovered that Whitney had two i.d.s in her purse…so we both walked in as Whitney!

This isn’t a good picture and I have NO idea what I’m doing, but this is what the dance floor looked like…packed!

Group photo…can you tell it was western wear night?

When we got home, this is what we found…one baby that was ready to watch Wonder Pets and play!! She wasn’t ready for bed!

And…another baby that wanted to talk and smile at you. He wasn’t sleepy either! (Please don’t pay attention to that spit-up rolling out of his mouth!) I think we were all in bed by 11! Whew!

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