First Soccer Practice…

 A couple Thursdays ago we met up at the park with our friends for the Gator’s first soccer practice!!  Don’t these girls look ready to play some soccer??

 Smith & Nixon thought this hill was lots of fun!

 What is Ebby Lee doing in this picture??  Let’s just say that I think she got her mama’s skills in the contact sports type of play.  🙂
 Getting ready to huddle up after a sweaty practice!  One time Ebby Lee completely stopped moving.  She told Coach Andrew that she was hot!  ha!  That’s my girl!
Soccer Moms…ha!  Nikki, Narci, Andrea, Erika, Rachel, Manda, Lori, & Karla
She looks pretty rough after practice #1!!  So funny! 

The Gators had their first soccer game this Saturday.  Tab and I missed it because we were in Hawaii.  But…they won!  (Even though I don’t think they really keep score.)  Go Gators!!

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