Hawaii Days 1 & 2…

 We made it!!!  FINALLY!!  Preggo was not prepared for that LONG flight.  It’s a long story, but Tab and I were not on the same planes to Hawaii.  He stopped in LA and my plane stopped in San Jose.  But…we arrived within 30 minutes of each other.  We were famished when we arrived so after freshening up we quickly found food!  Our hotel was right on Waikiki directly across from the International Market.  I thought it was a great location, because there was so much to do RIGHT there!
 Day 2…we went to Diamondhead Park to hike up the mountain to see the view.  I’d heard it was something we needed to do!  It was so pretty up at the top!  And…preggo felt like I’d just won a gold medal once I finally made it to the top!  ha!
 This is so random.  This is part of the crew that Tab worked with.  I think Tab gave a thumbs-up so I was being silly too?  I don’t know.  From the left…Charlie (also lives in Dallas), Greg (lives in Arkansas), Me, Tammy (Greg’s wife), and Jeff (lives in Reno, Nevada.

 So close to the top, but still SO far away!  ha!
 WAHOO!!  The view was amazing!
 Part of the crew for the game…Greg, Charlie, Tab, & Jeff
I wanted a picture of the bottom of the mountain from the parking lot.  Tab was my prop…thank you! 🙂
We went back to the hotel and lounged by the pool.  Then later that night, one of the replay guys that was doing the game (who actually lives there) hosted all of us over at his house for dinner.  I took my camera, but completely forgot to take pictures.  Their backyard was so pretty.  They even had a barn and horses in their backyard.  Who would have thought??  Horses in Hawaii?  Not me!

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  1. 9.19.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay! I love vacation pictures!! I totally needed to see a Hawaiian horse picture though…maybe next time ;).