First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school here in Texas.  We sent Ebby Lee off to first grade and Nixon to kindergarten.  (Be prepared for picture overload in front of the fireplace…#warning)

This sweet girl was ready for first grade!!

And…Nixon was ready to take on kindergarten!

Sneaky two-year-old snuck in the picture at the last second.  Ebby Lee is so excited about getting to walk Nixon to his class every day.  Granted, he’ll probably only want her to for the first two weeks.  haha!  She is taking her big sister job very seriously!!

 These three have my heart….yesterday was SO strange for Bowen and I.  We didn’t know WHAT to do with our free time!

 At this point, Bowen thinks he’s going to kindergarten too.

 Watch out kinder and 1st grade!!  The Slaughters are ready for you!

 Bowen and I met his bestie, Ashby, and some of my mama friends in downtown McKinney for breakfast.  We drowned our sorrows over bacon.  #baconworkseverytime

So blessed to have these sweet mama friends in my life.  We all sent someone to kindergarten or first grade this year and it was nice to enjoy a morning with these girls.  They’re the best!

Then this guy and I ran some errands…(and it looks like my shoe is about to fall off…haha) we had to pick up a couple gifts, make a grocery store trip, and head home to unload it all.  Bowen took a nice long nap in my bed while I got lots of stuff done.  

While we were doing that, they were doing this…

I got this from Ebby Lee’s teacher.  She has the sweetest teacher and we could not be more excited about first grade.

Then I saw this from Nixon’s awesome kindergarten teacher…

Can you imagine having an extra second to take pictures for parents when you have twenty-one kindergarteners??  I absolutely LOVED getting to see parts of their day!  And…the kindness of sending these pictures wasn’t lost on me!

My view from the carpool line (caught Nix with his eyes closed) but two happy, smiling kiddos hopped in the car!  The day was a success!!  I said, “How was your day?”.  They both responded, “GREAT!”.  

A sweet neighbor dropped this off welcoming us to the neighborhood.  What better day to do that??  I had made brownies for after school and this made the perfect after dinner dessert.  Two desserts in one day is my kind of day!

Ebby Lee had jazz, friends came over to play, and then we had dinner (and dessert) before our bedtime routine began.

*Bath time
*Read books
*Wrestle with Dad
*Brush teeth…isn’t that everyone’s nightly routine?  🙂

The Slaughters had fabulous first days back at school.  Hope you guys did as well!

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  1. 8.25.15
    Anonymous said:

    Aw, yay!! I'm
    So glad that they had a great day!! They look so sweet in their classrooms!!

  2. 8.25.15
    life of lo. said:

    It's so great that y'all have such a big group of momma friends! I'm sure that makes life easier! I love all the pictures and how sweet that Ebby Lee wants to take care of her brother #sobs. Thanks for sharing!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. 8.25.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What a wonderful first day! Ebby Lee is just beaming in every single picture! You can tell she is really so excited and so proud to be going into the first grade! And I'm so impressed by the number of pics I received from my kiddos' teachers too. I love getting snapshots of them from the day!

  4. 8.25.15
    Kimm said:

    So glad they had a great day!

  5. 8.25.15
    Angela Ellingson said:

    Love the picture of E and N outside school! Great first day!

  6. 8.25.15
    Whitney (Gracefully Mama) said:

    Aww they look so excited! You all are super blessed to have such an awesome circle of good girlfriends. PS love your fire place! Have a great day! 😊

  7. 8.25.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Great first day!!!!! Poor B thought he was off to school too, that is so sweet!

  8. 8.25.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    Glad everyone had a great first day! I remember my oldest two..Jordan truly wanted to be helpful and get Riley to class but she was a rule follower always worried about being late and he took forever and a day to get out of the car. I can remember him having complete melt downs when she would walk off and leave him. It's funny now…was NOT then.

  9. 8.25.15
    Elaine Welte said:

    Glad they had a great first day!!!

  10. 8.25.15
    Jenny said:

    How sweet of their teachers to send you pics. Love it!

  11. 8.25.15
    Foxy's Domestic Side said:

    Love that the teacher sends you pictures 🙂 So fun, I love getting random pictures of my kids during their day. Also our bedtime routine includes wrestling with Dad too, sometimes it goes a little longer than Mom would like, but the kids think it's the best time EVER!

  12. 8.25.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is my FAVORITE!!! So jealous!! Our teachers are using a facebook private group to add photos of our kiddos – and while they don't do it during the day, it is so fun to go back and see what they are doing in the classroom when they do post!

  13. 8.25.15
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    So glad that the babies had a great first day back!!

  14. 8.25.15
    R's Rue said:


  15. 8.25.15
    Megan said:

    Poor Bowen!! It's hard to be the baby! Wish we were there to play with him! And I'm super impressed the teachers had time to send pics too!