First At-Home Photo Shoot…

For Ebby Lee’s baby dedication at church, we had to turn in a picture that would flash up on the screen when they called her name. Our newborn photography session was scheduled the next week, so we had to try to tackle it on our own…at home. It was definitely an experience. This was attempt number one…eating the bow!
Attempt # 2…crying

Attempt #3…looks like she’s trying to go to the bathroom.

This is the final picture that we settled on. I think we took a total of about twenty pictures, but it never failed…she’d start crying or she’d be turned the wrong way. This was the best one we could get! I now know that I was not cut out to be a photographer! Thank you Carrie for our cute onesie!

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  1. 7.10.09
    rackersfamily said:

    love the shirt and bow!