Family Pictures 2019

I know I’m saying it every day, but I can’t believe it’s already here!  We have just one more wake up for school and then CHRISTMAS BREAK!  And we are ready for it!

I’m scrambling to get our Christmas cards out in time for people to open them up BEFORE Christmas so I kept those two pictures out of this post.  I am sharing the rest of our fall family photo session with Narci today.  Hope you enjoy a little peek into our session!

Okay, now I’m off on a fourth grade field trip.  Wish me luck!  

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  1. 12.19.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    These are wonderful!!!!! Love all the outfits and Britt's hands on her hips kill me!!! LOVE IT!

  2. 12.19.19
    Kristen Thompson said:

    Such beautiful pictures of a lovely family!!

  3. 12.19.19
    Anonymous said:

    I had blast with you guys that morning! Merry Christmas Slaughter, crew!!

  4. 12.19.19
    Elaine Welte said:

    These are model-worth photos! Seriously, so good!

  5. 12.19.19
    Rach said:

    Love your dress!

  6. 12.19.19
    Unknown said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress. Where is it from?

  7. 12.19.19
    Ellibelle said:

    Such pretty pictures! Loving all your outfits! Winter break starts here tomorrow as well! We're all ready for a little break!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  8. 12.19.19
    TorontoSAM said:

    OMG, those kids are cute!!

  9. 12.19.19
    Paige Flamm said:

    These pictures are so cute! Happy Holidays to all of you!


  10. 12.19.19
    Rachel dyan Hancock said:

    beautiful family

  11. 12.20.19
    Joanne said:

    Beautiful pictures! I hope you had a wonderful time on the field trip.

  12. 12.20.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    So pretty! That red dress looks gorgeous on you!
    That Inspired Chick