Fall in Love with Travel Giveaway!

Hello, Monday!

Know the best way to get rid of a case of the Mondays?  


You guys!  This is HUGE!

Today, over at Mix and Match Travel Agency we’re giving ONE LUCKY WINNER $3000 to apply to a Mix and Match Travel Vacation!

I’m gonna say it one more time.  You might need a minute.  🙂  One winner gets $3000 to go toward a Mix and Match Travel Vacation!  EEEK!!

We want you ALL to FALL IN LOVE WITH TRAVEL!  We’ll announce the winner on Friday and we cannot wait to talk to the lucky winner!

Mix and Match Travel offers services to Walt Disney World, cruises all over the world, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, and more!  We absolutely LOVE working with YOU on these vacations and we’re hoping to spread the LOVE a little this month.

Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

In order to enter the Rafflecopter, you need to be following us on both our new Facebook page and our new Instagram account.  We’re excited to start sharing pics from our clients’ travels with you guys!

The winner must be a U.S. citizen currently residing in the United States.  And if you’d like help with an upcoming Spring Break, summer vacation, or even fall trip next year-please send us an e-mail at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.  We’d LOVE to help you!  Like I said, we’ve FALLin’ in LOVE with TRAVEL and we hope you do too!

Best of luck, everyone!

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  1. 9.24.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Eeeeeeeeeks! This giveaway makes me so happy!!!!!!

  2. 9.24.18
    Anonymous said:

    Such a FUN giveaway!! The best travel agency, for sure!

  3. 9.24.18
    Unknown said:

    Oh man! What a great giveaway and a great job to Have! I so want to win!

  4. 9.24.18
    Sara said:

    What can the money be used for? All the travel agents I've worked with on my vacations haven't charged any money so I am just wondering. Thanks!

  5. 9.24.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    It’s $3,000 toward a vacation so if your vacation is $3,000, it’s completely free or if it’s more than $3,000, then this amount goes toward it. I’m not sure what you’re referring to about “charging money”?? We don’t “charge money” either. It’s a giveaway for vacation credit. 🙂

  6. 9.24.18
    Kathy Lang said:

    Seriously the BEST giveaway ever! My husband and I love to travel! I just wish our bank accounts and vacation days from work allowed us to do more! 😉 Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. 9.24.18
    Sara said:

    Gotcha – thanks for the clarification – I took the paragraph describing the prize as something different but understand what you're saying now. Thanks! 🙂

  8. 9.24.18
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    This is an amazing giveaway! You ladies are the best! 🙂

  9. 9.24.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    SOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!!! I want to be that LUCKY WINNER 🙂 Y'all are the best!!!!

  10. 9.24.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Ok on Shay's post I said I would want to go to Mexico but I'm getting so excited about Disney that I think I would use it towards going back there! I'm already a Disney die-hard and I haven't even gone yet. 😉 Thank you for all y'all's help so far! And Jane!! She's awesome. Such a great giveaway!
    That Inspired Chick

  11. 9.24.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Absolutely, Sara!! Glad you asked and I could clarify. :). Amanda, you crack me up! Where would you choose-Julie??

  12. 9.24.18
    Olga said:

    Awesome giveaway!!! oh, the places I could go 😛

  13. 9.24.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    This is amazing!!!!

  14. 9.25.18
    Laura said:

    What an amazing giveaway!!!

  15. 9.25.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    there are soo many places I wanna go… Ireland…Norway..Italy…Switzerland to name a few.. hahahah I dream about Ireland though… 🙂