Erika Joins the Paparazzi…

Adam Sandler was the most famous person we saw. He was looking like Paxton with his faux-hawk. He was being interviewed by some ESPN reporter. He had Rob Schneider with him.

We just kept running into famous people. We were told that “anyone taller than Tab around here is probably famous”. So, we saw two guys that were taller than Tab & asked to get a picture with them. They were Atlanta Falcons football players. They told us they were “nobody special”. We thought they were just being modest, but apparently they really weren’t special. No one even knew who they were!
Tab just happened to bump into Cleo Lemon. They played together at ASU. Cleo is the startig quarterback for the Dolphins.
While the boys went to watch FBR Golf Tournament, Marla and I took a little break from sight seeing to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our waiter was so interested in why were in Phoenix. He was at our table the entire time!
We got to see Emmitt up close and personal!

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