Commissioner’s Ball

Brent & Marla cutting a rug!
This was inside one of the airplanes of the past.

We got to go to the Commissioner’s Ball on Friday night. It was at an airplane museum. There were three rooms or “tents”…past, present, & future. It was a really fancy night. There were bands, lots of food, & dancing! Gary & Marla standing in front of the Lombardi (sp?) Trophy. There were two guards keeping watch to make sure no one tried to steal it.
Tab and I in the “past” tent.
This was our crew. Marla preferred the band in the “present” tent. So, we hung out in there the most. It was a great night!!

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  1. 2.18.08
    The White Family said:

    I am so glad you posted some new pictures. It looks like you and Tab had a great time.