Ebby Lee’s Gift Guide and My Favorites

 Any other moms of tween girls looking for some Christmas ideas?  I rounded up the items on Ebby Lee’s list as well as a few of her tried and true favorites to share with you today! 

1. Athleta Sweatshirt-Athleta has the very softest, coziest sweatshirts out on the market for tween girls.  Ebby Lee wears hers to/from practices, to school, and any other time she’s wanting to be cozy.

2. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan-You’ve heard me mention the Barefoot Dreams cardigans I wear a time or two but this is one for the GIRLS!  We have the blankets all my kids tend to fight over but now she’ll have her own cardigan to wear around the house or out!

3. Fossil Crossbody-Ebby Lee asked for a crossbody purse and I thought this one looked very sixth grade. 

4. Gel Manicure Set-She has this set on her list and is pumped about it.  Ebby Lee and Britt paint their nails a lot so I’m hoping with this the color will last even longer.

5. Harry Potter Book Set-Ebby Lee has read the first book and is asking for book number two and three.  She’d definitely recommend these for tween girls.  She read the first book a few years ago and then lost her drive to keep going because they’re so long.  She’s back on the Harry Potter train!

6. Beach Waver-This is the beach waver we own at our house and it’s Ebby Lee’s FAVORITE way to wear her hair.  We can give her hair the perfect beachy waves with this tool in five minutes.

7. Headbands-Now that the tween years are well underway, she’s washing her face at morning and night so these are going in her stocking to make that even easier.

8. Satin Sleep Set-I have this pillowcase and all my kids talk about how COMFY it is!  Ebby Lee and I both can go to bed with wet hair and in the morning wake up with hair that almost looks bent.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  This pillowcase helps mine for sure!  I’m hoping it helps hers too!

9. Scrunchie Holder-I’m hoping this is THE cure for scrunchies all over her vanity.

10. Coloring Bible-Since entering the youth group at our church, Ebby Lee has been much more into reading her bible so this is the perfect Christmas gift.

11. Bake Eat Love Box-This is a new to us company.  If you’ve used this before, please weigh in with your thoughts!  Ebby Lee loves to bake so a box with a new recipe each month complete with ingredients is something that she’d love.

12. Silhouette Bundle-The number one BIG gift on her list is this.  Now, I truly need your help.  I’m not crafty in the least so all the crafty girls…is there a smaller/less expensive option?  What’s the difference between this and a Cricut?  One of her friends has the Silhouette which is why I think she asked for it, but we don’t have a huge space to put it and other than using it for simple, easy crafts I don’t know that the Silhouette is necessary?  She’s looking for something to cut cute stickers, make labels, etc.  Please share your thoughts!  Or if you have a similar option for basic crafting, please let us know!  This is the last gift for the kids I have to figure out and then this Santa Claus is DONE!  

Happy Shopping, Friends!


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