Currently-Christmas Edition

 It’s that time, again!  You know the time when I sit down with my computer and answer some questions about what I’m CURRENTLY doing, eating, thinking, and on and on.  Here’s a Christmas Edition of what’s CURRENTLY going on around the Slaughter House.

Making:  I’m currently making a couple options for what our family is gonna wear in family pictures.  We had to bump ours back to later than we typically do pictures because we were scheduled to have a big family session done over Thanksgiving and well, that didn’t happen.  Now we have our family pictures tomorrow and I’m all over the place on what to wear.

Wanting:  Did you watch Season Two of Virgin River?  I binged hard this week {and also had two nights of really bad sleep which helped my binging} and already finished season two.  But now I’m wanting another feel good, girly show!  What’s something else like Virgin River?  It’s very chick-lit but not too Hallmark.  I like the in-between.  Oh, and while we’re talking television..sounds like I need to watch Last Christmas STAT?

Cooking:  Last night we had homemade pizzas for dinner.  I picked Bowen up for a mid-day appointment and he was just in a really bad mood.  He has absolutely nothing to really be upset about.  It was typical eight-year-old stuff like…I picked him up early during recess so he missed the last five minutes playing with his friends, it was yucky outside so they had to have indoor recess instead of play outside, etc.  Nothing that really warrants a bad mood but while he was back at the appointment {I knew they were keeping him for 30 minutes} I popped across the street to grab the ingredients for homemade pizza.  

Drinking:  COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!!  In the summer give me a La Croix but in the winter it’s ALL THE COFFEE!  It’s so hard to drink water when it’s so chilly outside.  And by the way, if you live up north I hope you rolled your eyes at me for saying it was chilly here in Texas.  😉

Eating:  You know the big Christmas popcorn tins?  THAT!  I have a slight addiction to savory popcorn so I usually don’t have any in the house.  But during the Christmas season, it’s on!  Come January 1st though, I have to stop.  If you’ve ever been or are plan on coming to McKinney, there’s THE cutest little popcorn shop on our square that sells tons of different popcorn flavors.  You must stop by when you visit!

Reading:  I’m reading Loving My Actual Christmas {again} and am also working my way through the O Come, O Come Emmanuel bible study, which I’m loving by the way!

Looking:  Outside the front windows while I work at the dining room table.  It’s looking very “December” today…kind of grey and chilly with a little drizzle.

Playing:  I’m not playing anything yet, but I’ve been searching for game ideas for a Polar Express Christmas Party for second graders.  Do you have any ideas?  I love the minute-to-win-it games but am a little nervous without a room of parent volunteers it’ll be too much.  Our school is limiting volunteers this year.

Wasting:  If we were asking Tab this question, he’d say, “Electricity”.  His topic of discussion as of December 1st is how often our people leave a room without turning the lights off.  It literally drives him bananas.  So if Tab were here he’d not only say, “Electricity”, he’d probably shout it.

Buying:  I shared this sweater in my Insta Stories yesterday.  My colorway is sold out but I almost got the navy when I ordered and think it’d be just as cute.  While they look very “Christmasy”, I also think they lean very “wintery” as well so I’ll wear this during January/February too.

Loving:  That our elf finally arrived!  My two big kids do not believe anymore and Bowen is on the fence.  He’ll say things to me that will make me think he knows but then he’ll mention something else that has me utterly confused.  Our elf always brings powdered and chocolate donuts, strawberries, and chocolate milk along with Christmasy plates and their Advent calendars.  As they were eating, Bowen asked, “Mom, did Sparky really set all this up?”.  Bless him!  But then he’ll mention to Ashby that he’s pretty sure the parents buy all the presents.  😱😱😱  Thank goodness, Britt is ALL IN!  By the way, those NFL advent calendars that popped up on my Instagram feed and I ordered STILL haven’t arrived.  I heard from a few of you who ordered them as well and yours aren’t there yet either.  UGH!  On Tuesday, I went to Trader Joe’s to grab two of the 99 cent kind for the boys.  Bowen didn’t seem to notice the difference between his chocolate calendar and Ebby Lee’s Body Shop calendar, but Nixon was giving me the side eye all throughout breakfast.

Hoping:  We’re all healthy to travel to Missouri over Christmas Break.  I’d love for us to visit all four of my grandparents while we’re there because I haven’t been since November of last year.  We’ll see but it’s something big I’m hoping for.

Marveling:  At the quick pace our family goes through groceries!  I can only imagine how that will look when the boys are both a little older.  A loaf of bread only really lasts for two days of lunches.  Over Thanksgiving Break we made a big breakfast almost every morning and were going through eggs like you wouldn’t believe!

Needing:  More wrapping paper!  I was super caught up on my wrapping and then I ran out of paper!  On the topic of paper, I probably NEED to take a gift wrapping class.  My wrapping skills are horrible.

Smelling:  This cinnamon candle I got for under $12!  It’s REALLY good!  I’ve had it burning the last few days.

Praying:  Right now I have two different friends who have family members in the hospital with COVID.  I’m praying big for full recoveries for them.

Noticing:  I was caught up on laundry for a solid 3.5 minutes before I noticed another load.  Sigh.

Knowing:  You can make anything magical if you put a little effort into it.  I know for our family this season is looking different but we’re making our nights at home a little more special in a variety of different ways….family devotional time, movie night with popcorn, staying up a little too late, etc.

Thinking:  About a question lots of you have asked me…it’s hard to catch Tab during a football game this year due to masks and such but this weekend he has the Monday night game.  If your family is watching on Monday evening, see if you can spot him.  Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to attend a game this year and looks like it won’t happen, but hopefully we’ll find ourselves in the stands at some point in 2021.

Opening:  A new box of my favorite coffee, Southern Pecan.  Marla told me at Thanksgiving they like the Southern Pecan but prefer the Maple Pecan.  I’ve tried that one too and am happy to report I’d give it a solid second place trophy.

Giggling:  At Tab and his grass situation…a neighbor told me she saw him MEASURING THE GRASS last week!  WHAT?!  I asked him about it and he said it only needs to be cut when it’s a certain length so he was just making sure.  When I think about it, I giggle because we’ve clearly reached an age…you know an age where we’d be pumped to get a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas and we measure the grass.

Feeling:  Extra thankful for this season and the true meaning behind why we’re celebrating.

Hope you have a great Thursday, friends!


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  1. 12.3.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    LIKE HE WAS ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES WITH A RULER? Tell me everything. And next time, snap a pic!

  2. 12.3.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love these Currently posts! So fun and up to date! I love getting a peak in your world!

  3. 12.3.20
    Jen said:

    I’m laughing at Tab measuring the grass !!

  4. 12.3.20
    Rebecca B. said:

    The side eye and measuring the grass had me rolling!

  5. 12.3.20
    Rachel Embery said:

    Thanks for posting Tabs game! Would love to know which game he’s doing so we can keep an eye out! Also my friend just moved to Austin last summer from Colorado Springs. Why? I’m
    not sure…..Colorado is the best😉 But, we were chatting on the phone and she was complaining about it being 50 degrees and feeling sooooo cold. I told her the lack of high altitude sun is the issue! She’s already got the Texas blood!

  6. 12.3.20
    Therese said:

    OMG, I am laughing so hard. We may be married to the same person. My poor husband walks around all day long turning off lights and asking people who was in the room last and left on the light! He is also obsessive out the yard and "mowed for the last time" (he hopes!) this year a few days ago.

  7. 12.3.20
    Amy Heinl said:

    Last Christmas is such a fun little movie. Two new movies on Netflix to watch are Midnight at magnolia…funny little holiday movie and Dolly Partons Christmas on the Square. It's a full blown Christmas Musical with songs and dancing galore. She wrote the entire musical and all 17songs. Wonderful message in this movie and keep your eye out for Series 1 of Firefly Lane based on the books by Kristin Hannah…one of the most anticipated releases coming out shortly on Netflix

  8. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Sheaffer-YES! Except the neighbor said he used a tape measure! I would have been like, "GET UP!!" but I didn't see it. The neighbor was rolling when she told me. It's known on our street that he has a grass issue. My neighbors and I will periodically chat in the street while the kids play and not too long ago we were sitting in my yard one of them fluffed the grass up when she got up! hahaha! We all have issues…some of us can easily identify ours and we all know Tab's. HA!

  9. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Jen and Rebecca!-HAHAHA!! Is it strange to think I rolled my eyes when she said it but living with him for fifteen years has me thinking some of his grass issues are normal?

  10. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Rachel-I completely understand! I lived in Missouri for 18 years where it is colder but I'm already like your friend. I've forgotten my roots and am SO COLD when the temps drop below 60! And he has the game in Arizona that moved locations!

  11. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Therese-our husbands would be besties if they met in real life!!!

  12. 12.3.20
    Lauren said:

    Have you watched Sweet Magnolias?!

  13. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Amy-Thank you so much!! I'm gonna check those out this weekend!!

  14. 12.3.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Girl, last night before bed, Ashby was all "well Bowen said" and I was all " Do not listen to Bowen Slaughter!". Bahahaha! The ironic part is that I think Smith was telling Nixon when they were like three that the elf had a tag just like a doll. Kids!

  15. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    SEE?!! But this morning at my house Bowen told Britt that Sparky had to go back to the North Pole last night to report their behavior to Santa. Either he's utterly confused deep in his core or he's playing me! Could go either way!

  16. 12.3.20
    Sara said:

    If you haven’t watched Younger on Hulu, check it out! Not sappy, but a fun binge. FYI…not kid friendly! Also, with coffee, have you tried the Starbucks Holiday Blend pods? SO GOOD!

  17. 12.3.20
    Believing God said:

    Okay, I keep seeing you mention the southern pecan coffee, so I feel like I need to try it! However, I'm super particular about my coffee and hate overly sweet, weak coffee. Would you say it's a stronger coffee with great flavor… or a really light roast?! (If it helps, I LOVE Trader Joe's seasonal maple coffee – tons of flavor, but not a weak roast either.)

    I apologize for being so neurotic over coffee. ����

  18. 12.3.20
    Jennmaynard said:

    Have you watched Sweet Magnolia's yet on Netflix? It is a sweet show 🙂

    And my 10 year old figured out the elf last year, but he is still believing in Santa. I am just going with it because I can't break his heart this year about Santa. 2020 has been bad enough!

  19. 12.3.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    bahahahahhaha I am dying over here at several things.. the lights must be a man thing.. it drives my hubby insane… we have a thing when the girls bedroom light is left on we make up some girls name like it's their 3rd sister.. this week when my husband asked why the light was still on one of the girls shouted Rebecca why did you leave the light on!!! hahahah We died!
    the grass…. now my husband is obsessed with the yard but I am pretty sure I have never seen him measure the grass!!! bahahahah that is soo funny & I am dying at Sheaffer's comment.
    and Bowen probably knows deep down but then he is like wait?? my girls know I am almost certain but they haven't point blank asked so I am really trying to enjoy this Christmas b/c I know it's going to be the last one where they "believe" I mean they are almost 11 🙂
    Fun post to read!!!

  20. 12.3.20
    Lindsay said:

    You should watch the show Younger- it's on Hulu. LOVE IT. Also Hart of Dixie if you haven't see that one.

  21. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Sara and Lindsay-Younger? I don't have Hulu but is it worth it to get a month subscription and binge the show? Or can I watch it anywhere else? I'm intrigued!!

    Julie-THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! We need to start blaming it on the other kid! Or maybe even the elf? ha!

    Jenn-Yes, I liked Sweet Magnolia! I even read the first book in that series. But then I got sidetracked…

  22. 12.3.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Believing God…I am so nervous responding about coffee because I can tell you take this topic very seriously! haha! I actually asked Tab his thoughts because I wanted to get a second opinion. He thinks it's a good medium roast and isn't too sweet. Me? Well, I add a Truvia and a little creamer so it's hard for me to tell. I think it has the perfect little extra flavor where you wouldn't have to add anything if you prefer a non-sweet coffee.

  23. 12.3.20
    Tracy Robinson said:

    Loved Virgin River too! Definitely following along on comments to see what others are saying. I did enjoy Younger too alot. I think it would be worth a Hulu subscription just for a bit.

  24. 12.4.20
    Robin said:

    Ok, so my husband hasn't measured the grass, but he'll be the first to tell you "he has the nicest lawn in three counties" and if someone comments on his lawn while walking by a 15 minute conversation about grass will take place 😂

    And speaking of vacuums for Christmas, I finally splurged on the All-Clad slow cooker and was GIDDY when the UPS man delivered it today #adulthood 🤣

  25. 12.4.20
    Sunshine and Books said:

    That is too funny about the grass! Our advent calendar finally came on Dec. 1st in the evening. Too late! I’d already made one for to hold cards, etc. for my son. Sigh…

  26. 12.4.20
    Cristina said:

    I loved season one of Virgin River, give me Mel and Jack all day; can’t wait to binge season 2. I so feel you on wanting to be able to see family! I didn’t get to go home and visit this year and it makes me so sad, especially since my cousin added a new baby to the family.

    This year everything is so different but has made me enjoy everyone, and everything more.

  27. 12.4.20
    Emily said:

    Totally binged Virgin River too, so good!! I’ve been eating s’mores caramel popcorn in a tin from Costco and it’s delicious! Tab measuring the grass is hilarious. I’ll keep an eye out for him on Monday!!

  28. 12.4.20
    Joanne said:

    Hoping you get to see your grandparents. I am just loving Virgin River too but I am only watching one episode at a time so I can make it last.

  29. 12.4.20
    Laura said:

    I loved this post soo much! Grass issues- my dad and husband have them! Can't wait to watch Virgin River next week! Did you watch Hart of Dixie? It might be too much of a Hallmark for you lol!

  30. 12.4.20
    Lindsay said:

    Yes, you should get Hulu specifically to watch Younger. It's not for kids' ears, but it's a fun show and episodes are only 20-25 min each. Sweet Magnolias is fine if you feel like watching a Hallmark movie type show. Younger is a lot more fun.

    Although we also got Hulu recently to watch The Brady Bunch as a family with our kids (ages 8, 10 and 12)- which they totally love. Then I found Younger so double win for Hulu.

  31. 12.5.20
    stefanyag said:

    Dash and Lily on Netflix is a fun Christmas series that is a good mix between Hallmark and Sex and the City….

  32. 12.7.20
    Karen Ward said:

    First of all, the ending of Virgin River, season 2, as KILLED me!!

    They best get moving with season 3!!!