Ebby Lee Turns 1!!

Good morning to you, Birthday Girl!! She was so proud that she’d thrown Mr. Bear out of the crib. Check out that hair! That’s what we were working with on her birthday!

Breakfast of champions…blueberry waffles, yum! Knowing that our family of three was quickly growing, Tab took the day off work to celebrate Ebby Lee’s birthday and our last day as a family of three. Tab worked in the yard in the morning while Ebby Lee and I cleaned up and played inside.

Birthday girl and Daddy…we all got ready to go eat some lunch and run some last minute errands before Nixon arrives.

We had a yummy lunch at Freebirds! There was a sweet Freebirds worker who saw that I was struggling getting Ebby Lee to smile for the camera so she started making crazy faces above my head…that’s who she’s looking at. Anyway, we’re not Aggie alums, but we love us some Freebirds. Ebby Lee was a big fan too!

After running our errands and ALL of us taking a nap, later that night we joined some friends for some yogurt.

Daddy was keeping us entertained.

Ebby Lee all grown up and playing in the play area. I felt like she really grew up some! When we hit the play area, she was ready to go! She knew what she was supposed to be doing. So cute!

She was consulting with Whitney about what they should buy at the gas station.

I tried to take a picture of Kensington, but this girl was NOT stopping for a picture.

Kirby and Ebby Lee enjoying this play area like two big kids!

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