Ebby Lee is 7 Months Old…

She also has a tooth!! This is the day I discovered the tooth. We were heading out for a walk and I looked in her mouth. I was so excited that I started screaming in the front yard. (Luckily, no one else was outside) Oh, the little things us moms get excited about!
She can shop like a pro now sitting up in a cart! She usually starts tilting if you’ve got lots of shopping to do, but she can hang for a while.

M got her these pajamas. So cute!

She was so proud of herself sitting in that laundry basket.

Check out that sippy cup!
I feel like time is flying and my baby is growing up so fast! She has one tooth and is working on the second. She can sit up now like a champ and she’s rocking on all fours. She has her own form of crawling that she’s done a couple times, but it’s like she’s moving in slow motion. The first time she did it, Tab and I scared her to death by screaming and clapping, but she’s gotten used to that now. We’re falling more in love with her everyday!!

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