Ebby Lee is 5 Weeks Old…

Ebby Lee is 5 weeks old! This was actually our going home from the hospital outfit, but it was WAY too big! She can finally wear it at 5 weeks! We’re getting ready to go to lunch with Amber.
Ebby Lee sucking on that paci. It probably only lasted a few seconds. She’s high maintenance when it comes to a paci. She wants you to hold it in her mouth. She doesn’t want to have to do all that work. She wants you to!

Getting ready to go out.

We were trying to work on playing/holding a rattle…didn’t work, as you can see. The rattle isn’t in her hand.

Buffalo Wild Wings-after church lunch. Daddy was trying his best to get her to smile.

Looks like it might be a smile…

Nope!! Just a weird, funny face.

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