Ebby Lee is 15 Weeks Old..

Attempt #1…somebody please help me with this uploading problem!
Attempt #2…speaks for itself. I wanted Tab to get her outfit, not so much!

Mama and Ebby Lee all dressed up and trying to take a cute picture. Attempt #3…after this one, I gave up!

Smilin’ for the camera

Chillin’ on the blanket

Fussin’ in the swing…she was fussing b/c she’s starting to realize that she falls asleep in the swing! I think she’s finally putting two and two together to realize that! She fusses for about two minutes and then is out like a light! Not for long, in the swing, but it’s good for a quick 15 minute nap!

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  1. 8.6.09
    Jeni said:

    Oh my…she is SO ADORABLE!!!