Early Mornings…

This week has been an EARLY week for the Slaughters! I’m working this year two days a week at our church’s preschool. It was a last minute decision, but I’m so excited about it! We’ve had training the past 3 days, so we’ve had to be up and out the door early. I’ve been snapping pictures the last couple mornings for 2 reasons…1. Because I knew we’d be gone the whole day and I wouldn’t take any other pictures. 2. Because I was super impressed that we were ready and had time to spare to take pictures! ha! Ebby Lee is obsessesd with wearing dresses. If I pull out something with shorts or pants, she flips out!!

Good Morning!

Nixon wasn’t too excited about getting up early…ha!

This girly likes the mornings. It looks like Nixon was trying to smile too!

Wednesday morning…

“You want me to go to school again?”

This morning…not sure why he still has the spoon leftover from breakfast! Oops!

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  1. 8.26.11
    The White Family said:

    Have fun this year working at the preschool! Kate went through the same "dress" phase.