Catching Up (Take 2)…

I have GOT to get better about taking pictures AND about blogging after I take the pictures!! I’m going to be working on that! But for now…this was our week… We went grocery shopping at Market Street and right at Ebby Lee’s eye level they had TONS of coloring books, sticker books, etc. Two of her absolute favorites are Wonder Pets and Disney Princesses and they were RIGHT beside each other. So…she chose a Disney Princess water paint book and Nixon chose the Wonder Pets water paint book. We came home and I made dinner while they painted.

It’s kind of dark but I LOVE that his little tongue is sticking out!

Then he decided to suck the water off his paintbrush…yuck!

On Thursday, we ran lots of errands. The kiddos slept late, so I fed them waffles on the go.

Nixon is NOT a fan of having his picture taken. Can you tell? I tried out a cute headband for Ebby Lee. 5 minutes after this picture was taken, she ripped the cute flowers off the headband! I was so mad!! Don’t guess we’re ready for headbands!!

I think I got him in the middle of trying to talk.

Miss Cheeser

Saturday night we headed to the mall to ride the carousel and get a little shopping in. It was tax-free weekend here so the mall was crazy busy, but I actually kind of like it like that. It makes it a little exciting!

Miss Cheese & Daddy before church

This was Nixon’s face when I told him that he had to take a picture with me…ha!

Take #1 (with Ebby Lee’s cup)

Take #2….doesn’t his face look like, “Mom, really another one?” ha! He’s a mess!

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  1. 8.26.11
    Unknown said:

    Ok…so you seriously have the cutest family ever. Really. Ebby Lee and Nixon are just getting too big and I love, love, lurve, the new blog look! I always view in google reader and hardly ever see the look of blogs, so you may have had it for awhile, but I'm just now seeing it. Now I just need to get motivated to update mine!