Dry Shampoo Challenge-Round Two

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How was your Wednesday?  The highlight of our day was a “Survivor vote-off” for who had to do the dishes.  My cousin’s family did this and posted it on Facebook, which gave me the idea.  You should try this at your house today for basically any chore you’re OVER!  Each of us voted for two people who we thought should do the dishes {we did two because big family and I was afraid Bowen might win-it’d be a lot for him to do solo}.  We wrote it on a post-it, videoed ourselves explaining who we voted for, and why we did it.  It was SO FUNNY to watch and any guesses on who cleaned up the kitchen last night?




Now it’s time for ROUND TWO of the Dry Shampoo Challenge!
These were the players in the challenge…

Price:  It’s definitely on the high end for this round of dry shampoos.  But Sephora has a big sale starting tomorrow so if you’re interested in this one, wait until tomorrow to purchase.

Smell:  FABULOUS!  It smells just like all the other Dry Bar products.

Cleanliness:  I don’t think any dry shampoo is meant to leave your hair as clean as just washing it, but with that said-some lean my hair feeling much cleaner than others.  The Triple Sec’s goal is to texturize, amplify, and refresh.  This one tends to leave my hair with a little more volume as well as hair looking cleaner.

Left My Hair:  Looking and smelling much better!

Residue:  I didn’t notice much visually but you can feel this product.

Rating:  4/5
This isn’t JUST a dry shampoo, but I know lots of people use this product in it’s place.  Due to a thick feeling {probably from the texture aspect}, left in my hair I gave it four stars.


Price:  This one is also on the higher end of dry shampoos, but again-I linked it to the Sephora website.  Check it out tomorrow for those sale prices!

Smell:  This one smells great!

Cleanliness:  I tend to only spray dry shampoo in the places {mostly around the front of my hairline} that get oily and after using this, it looked much cleaner and fresher.

Left My Hair:  Looking and feeling much cleaner!

Residue:  I didn’t see any residue or really feel anything with this product.

Rating:  4.5/5

This dry shampoo was recommended to me by my hair stylist and trust me-I see why.  The only reason I didn’t give this a solid five stars is because of the price.  This is a dry shampoo I will grab for over and over again to get another day out of a fresh hair washing.


Price:  Great price point for a product you’ll use a couple times a week.  But-who knew it’d sell out?  I can’t find this anywhere.

Smell:  It has a great smell.

Cleanliness:  Once again, this dry shampoo left my hair feeling and looking clean.

Left My Hair:  Feeling much cleaner than it started.

Residue:  I didn’t see any product on my hair, but one thing I do notice with some of the more drug-store brands is sometimes they feel so thin they don’t get rid of the oil.  

Rating:  3.5/5

I’m bummed this one is MIA.  If you find it anywhere, please comment and share with me!  I’d definitely recommend this one-especially considering the price!


Price:  This is a mid-priced option coming in right in the middle of this round of products.

Smell:  I really have hardly any complaints about any of these smells-this one included.

Cleanliness:  This is the area where this one fell short for me.  This product feels extremely thin and really doesn’t do anything for my hair.  I didn’t notice a difference before/after using.  

Left My Hair:  Feeling wet…not any cleaner.

Residue:  I didn’t notice any visible product in my hair.

Rating 1/5

I wouldn’t recommend this option to anyone.


Price:  This is another mid-price option ringing in at under $13.

Smell:  Great smell!

Cleanliness:  I was a fan of this Kenra product.  It left my hair feeling clean but not super thick with product.

Left My Hair:  Feeling fresh.

Residue:  Once again, I didn’t notice anything visibly.

Rating:  4.5/5

Another option I’d highly recommend you trying-especially at that price!  It felt much more like a higher end priced product!  If you’re almost out of dry shampoo, give this one a try!


Price:  This dry shampoo prices very well at right under $11.

Smell:  I felt like all these dry shampoos smelled great, but if I was choosing my least favorite this would get my vote.

Cleanliness:  Once again, this one fell flat for me.  I didn’t feel like this product did anything for me.

Left My Hair:  Feeling meh.

Residue:  I didn’t notice any light spots or anything for that matter.

Rating:  1/5

When you’re in the market for dry shampoo, skip this one.


After this round, I have two new favorites!  I have plenty of other recommendations to do a Round Three in the challenge so be on the look out.  What’s YOUR favorite dry shampoo?  Do you have any recommendations I should try next?

And if you missed Round One, be sure to check out that post HERE.

Hair Questions Answered Part One-Sorry, I didn’t get more questions answered this week, so it’s on the line-up for next week. 

Here’s to wishing you all another Good Hair Day!

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  1. 4.16.20
    Dana said:

    I have tried several dry shampoos. My favorites are the Kenra, and the Dove! Dove is honestly my go to most of the time. Bounus…its around $6.00, and I can grab it when I am at the grocery store!

  2. 4.16.20
    Sabrina said:

    I like the Organix Green Tea Fitness Dry Shampoo Foam. It’s basically a mousse. And I know that sounds weird, but you put it in your hair after the gym when it is sweaty (or whenever) and then when you blow dry it, it really absorbs the oil and leaves your hair fresh. It takes a minute to get used to putting wet product on hair that you want clean, but sometimes I even will add some to my roots before bed and when I wake up, it’s dry and refreshed. Just a suggestion!

  3. 4.16.20
    Laci said:

    I love anything Living Proof (hate the price though)…I am currently back to Dove and Not your mothers and honestly I might just start washing my hair again out of pure boredom, lol.

  4. 4.16.20
    hopechelle said:

    Can you tell me how and when you use or dry shampoo. Every time I try it my hair looks dirty and oily. Do you use it at night or the morning. Do you blow dry after to refresh your your etc. Thanks

  5. 4.16.20
    hopechelle said:

    can you tell me how and when you use your dry shampoo. Whenever I've tried it my hair looks dirty and oily. My hair is curly and fine. Do you use your dry shampoo and night or in the morning. Blowdry to refresh it etc. Thanks

  6. 4.16.20
    Mauraloon said:

    Oooo what’s the Sephora Sale???

  7. 4.16.20
    dirt and sunshine said:

    Amika had always been my favorite until I recently tried MONAT's dry shampoo. It is amazing! I have tried a lot over the years and nothing compares to it.

  8. 4.16.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I'm looking for a new dry shampoo so these reviews are so helpful!
    Thank you so much.

  9. 4.16.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I need to try one of these. I've only tried dry shampoo twice, and I didn't like either product. I feel like I need to give another one a shot!

  10. 4.16.20
    Unknown said:

    I have tried several dry shampoos and have now been consistently using the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo for over a year now, per the recommendation from my hair stylist. Smells amazing, doesn’t leave sticky or oily residue, and really does make my hair few more clean.

  11. 4.16.20
    Lauren Donoghue said:

    Oh please share the videos for the dish washing vote!

  12. 4.16.20
    Memphis Bridges said:

    Hi. Have you tried Hask, Charcoal with citrus? It has great reviews and I am wondering how you think it compares with others you have tried. Thanks!

  13. 4.16.20
    Casey said:

    Living Proof and Batiste have been my go tos for dry shampoo. I didn't love the Amika and the IGK First Class for my hair when I got sample bottles. I now want to try the Kenra because of your review and I love their clarifying shampoo!

  14. 4.16.20
    cherrietopdworld said:

    Please post the vids to the "survivor dish" challenge – I would love to share in some laughs and see your sweet kiddos!

  15. 4.17.20
    Unknown said:

    I just ordered Suave dry shampoo from target. It came in a set of two, which will come in handy with this lack of hair washing during quarantine! 🤣 it works and I can’t complain about it because of the price and how often I use it. My all time favorite is living proof dry shampoo. It smells so good!!

  16. 4.17.20
    Alyssa said:

    I love reading your dry shampoo reviews because I have similar hair to yours. One that I use a lot you haven't mentioned is PSSSSSt brand which is my favorite drug store brand. If you haven't tried that one it's pretty good!