Destin-Day 2

 Sunday night, Tab’s brother, Brent, and his family arrived.  Monday morning Bowen had a new friend to entertain.
 We hit the pool for a while.  Bowen loved his float.
 G took him for a cruise around the pool.
 Part of our crew…the pool here was SO nice.
 I TRIED to put Bowen in the shade to take a nap under this random tree.  He wasn’t having it.  He sit up in the bouncy seat so that he could look around.
 Later that afternoon, we hit the beach again.  This was our set up.  Nixon was over playing it cool.  At this point, Tab was wiping the sand off Nixon’s feet.  🙂

 This girl LOVES the beach.
 Ha!  I didn’t realize that my hat was down SO low.  I was just doing my best to keep my dermatologist happy!!  These pics are so funny, but they’re the only family beach pictures we took.
 I promise you I could see…somehow??

 Loved his little pool.
Monday evening, Eleni set up family pictures on the beach.  They turned out super cute.  Afterwards, we went to the Baytown Wharf area for dinner.
 Our crew
 We wore purple for pics…can you tell?
 Garrett looking super excited about the carousel.  
 This is Nixon’s kind of thrill ride!

 My handsome boys
Ebby Lee was being silly in our girl pic and Athena photo bombed it!  Too funny!  I didn’t know she was back there!

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