Day In the Life-Wednesday

You guys are my PEOPLE!  No doubt my favorite posts to read from other bloggers are the Day in the Life posts and thanks to my survey in December, I know you guys feel the same way!  I’m going to try to incorporate them more and hopefully change up the day so you see a little variety.

This was a pretty typical Wednesday around here.  Hope you enjoy!

I woke up at 5:15 a.m.  Then I did what I do every single morning.  I grabbed my phone to shut off my alarm and then caught up on my blog reading.  This is the only time I read blogs during the day.  I read them, comment on some, and THEN get out of bed.  I like getting up early and being productive in the morning, but the second my alarm goes off I need a few minutes before hopping out of bed.  This set up works so well for me.

I walked around my house turning on lamps, started my coffee, and grabbed my books for my quiet time.  While my coffee is brewing and cooling {ha!  Yes, I’m one of those.} I read my devotional-God’s Grand Story {our church is going through this together}, a chapter from Anxious for Nothing, and did some work on the Bible study-Seamless.  I’ve done this study before, but a few moms in our neighborhood got a study going for the girls.  Ebby Lee is in the group {and is one of the youngest} so we’re doing the study together.  I don’t mind her not “getting” everything, but I definitely don’t want her to be confused or have questions.  We’re doing it together at night, but I like to read ahead.

Then I grabbed my computer and got a little blog work done before waking the kiddos for school.

This is pretty much every morning.  My big kiddos are all Dude Perfect fans.  It’s the one show they all three agree on, so most mornings consist of sleepy eyes still waking up, lots of snuggling, and an episode of Dude Perfect before breakfast.

I got sidetracked and didn’t grab a picture of the big kiddos before school, but Tab took them to school.

And then I took these two cuties with me. 

I traded Bowen for that sweet thing on the left. πŸ˜‰  I dropped Bowen off with Shay and snagged Madeley.  Shay was still recovering at home so I took Madeley to the gym to play and eat lunch while she dropped Bowen off at preschool.

This was me right after my workout class.  I barely made it.  Barely.

I made my way to the stop of the stairs, set myself down, and tried to catch my breath.  I was a mess!

While I was catching my breath, my girlfriend, Natasha, walked up and I invited her crew to grab a bite with us before heading home.  We feasted on quesadillas, omelets, and Cheetos.  What a combo!

Then we dropped Madeley off at her house so she could nap.

Britty and I did a little playing before I laid her down for her nap.

Then I sat down at my desk for a solid two hours while Britt napped.  I got a ton of travel work done and while I was on hold with one phone call I worked on my blog.

Tab was working in McKinney and swung by preschool to pick up the big kiddos for me.  He dropped them off at the house and then we all loaded up to go to…

Smoothie King!

I’d been telling Shay all week I was gonna bring her a smoothie.  I dropped off my favorite kind {Skinny Green Tea Mango Tango-thanks to Kristin} and grabbed the kiddos a little after school treat.

The weather was amazing after school so we headed straight outside to play.  

Our neighbors invited us to join them in their backyard just a few minutes later so we made our way next door to join them.

Seriously, the best after school weather for playing outside.

Britt thought it was all fun and games until this happened…

Then she was over it.  After seeing this picture, I can’t say that I blame her.

We came back home around 4:30 so I could get dinner going…I made a sausage rice casserole with green beans and a salad.

Britt Slaughter was a MESS after playing outside.  It was the kind of mess that a wet wipe/baby wipe/napkin just wasn’t gonna cure.  The only treatment was a BATH!

It was our day to pick up the girls from dance, so Miss Thing watched while they finished up in their class.  Britt was waving and blowing kisses to Ebby Lee and
 Kensington through the door.  It was the SWEETEST thing.Then we dropped the Shull girls off and headed home to eat our dinner.
 Tab took Nixon to his practice and Bowen joined them.  So for dinner-it was just me and the girls.  We ate, chatted all things girly, and then had a little dance party in the kitchen thanks to The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  Our Wednesday evenings are the one night we can’t eat dinner together.  The practices for the big kids are at opposite times and there’s no way to make it work.  But we all sit down for dinner together the other nights of the week.

These two enjoyed a nice bubble bath.

And then I begged Ebby Lee to watch Britt so I could enjoy my own.  hahaha!  They went upstairs to play while I started reading, The Last Mrs. Parrish and take a bath.

Ebby Lee and I put Britt to bed, I cleaned up the kitchen, and living room…

And then we snuggled up on the couch to watch a Girl Meets World episode on Netflix.  

The boys got home right after this picture was taken.  πŸ™‚  We got all the big kiddos in bed and I was all snuggled up in my own bed by 9:15.  Now THAT’S a good night!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at my Wednesday!

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  1. 1.25.18
    Kelly S said:

    wow what a full day. My days are equally as full, but so great. And I LOVED the Max Lucado book you are reading. I thought it was so helpful and on point.

    Love your blog and cute family, and mostly your sweet heart for Jesus.

  2. 1.25.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I LOVE these posts!!! What a perfect day πŸ™‚ . Madeley sure thought it was!!

  3. 1.25.18
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun day!! A day in the life posts are my favorite!!

  4. 1.25.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Yep! Favorite kind of posts! I need to try that smoothie!

  5. 1.25.18
    Unknown said:

    Love these posts! And cracking up at the peace signs by Ebby Lee. My kids do that in all the pictures too!

  6. 1.25.18
    Laci said:

    That is a full day! I am tired just reading it, lol. Love these post!

  7. 1.25.18
    KAR said:

    I love your real life posts! It makes my crazy life seem more normal. What does Tab do for a living?

  8. 1.25.18
    Kjlb37 said:

    What a fun day! Thanks for sharing;)

  9. 1.25.18
    Britt Hensley said:

    How cute is that Britt!? We love Smoothie King too, but I’ve never tried that one. I’ll have to try is next time! πŸ™‚

  10. 1.25.18
    Simply Tish said:

    LOVE these posts! Thanks for sharing!! What program/app do you use to make graphics for your blog? I have loved seeing your new graphics recently!

  11. 1.25.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    My Day in the Life posts would be so boring!! I need littles to make it more fun!! My boys scatter as soon as they get home from school. And The Last Mrs. Parrish is SO GOOD!!! One of my favorites! I'm in the middle of The Wife Between Us right now and I think it's going to be another big winner. That Inspired Chick

  12. 1.25.18
    a mix about me said:

    Hi Erika! You have such a sweet family. Brit is just so darn cute! I love these posts. Your day makes me tired just reading lol.

  13. 1.25.18
    Megan Albano said:

    What a sweet day! I love these posts and the way you capture the day. Unrelated to this but because you talked earlier this week about The Greatest Showman- did you see the video that's going around FB of the workshop performance of "This is Me"?! Oh man it's AMAZING! Absolutely unbelievable. I found it on youtube too:

  14. 1.25.18
    Kelly said:

    You are going to enjoy The Last Mrs. Parrish! I just downloaded the Max Lucado book…that sounds on point for me! Love reading your blog! Such a beautiful family!

  15. 1.25.18
    Demi said:

    What a fun and filled day, and you still got into bed before 10 pm!! So lucky! You have such a sweet family πŸ™‚

  16. 1.25.18
    Brittany said:

    I just LOVE the fact that Ebby Lee is doing Seamless with you!! It may be my favorite study I've done yet!! Love seeing girlies her age getting in the word πŸ™‚

  17. 1.25.18
    Lisa C said:

    It's such a small world. Natasha is married to Gary who used to babysit my son when we all lived in Flower Mound. We went to church with Gary's family for several years. Now we all live on "this" side of the metroplex!

  18. 1.26.18
    Unknown said:

    What a fun day and a nice, cozy ending! πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving us a snippet of a β€œday in the life”!

  19. 1.26.18
    Unknown said:

    What a nice day! Do you mind linking the top you wore to the gym and sharing your dinner recipe?

  20. 1.26.18
    Jenna said:

    I have that same cold shoulder sweatshirt, and now I need the smoothie! That dang Kristin Gill makes me want all the things πŸ˜‰ Adore both of y'all!

  21. 1.30.18
    Julie said:

    I love a great charcoal mask! It's so nice for facial skin! Have a great week!