Christmas with M & G…

 Before we left to go to Missouri for Christmas, we had Christmas at our house with M & G.  The kiddos had to suffer (ha!) through dinner before they got to open presents.  Nixon couldn’t wait!!
 Ebby Lee was excited too!
 M & G spoiled them with lots of new toys.  Nixon got this veterinarian dog kit.  He loved it!
 Ebby Lee’s big gift was a retro-looking microphone that lights up.  She sings for us all the time!!

 Ebby Lee also got Brave the movie, a Brave doll, and a Brave wig.
 Bowen and Mommy got fun gifts too!
 Bowen’s first Christmas with M & G.  He’s had a LOT of firsts this month!!
 Love her face!!  ha!
 Tab was pumped about this gift.
 Ebby Lee was a little unsure about the wig at first.  Until, baby brother put it on!

All the kiddos with M & G!!  Thank you M & G for a fun night and for all the great gifts!

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  1. 12.28.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That last picture of M & G with the kids and Ebby Lee is wearing the wig…priceless! That wig cracks me up! I hope she wears it every day. I'm totally going to encourage her to. 🙂