Christmas in MO Day 2…

This picture is out of order…so just remember it.
Ebby Lee, Emma, Mylee, and Nixon
We started off the morning with a fun playdate with Jessi and her girls. It’s always so busy when we’re in MO. There are SO many people that I want to see, but it’s so hard to see everyone. It was so nice that they came to play with us and it was GREAT to see them!
Then the 2nd party got started! My grandparents and my Aunt Gina’s kiddos and significant others all came over to hang out for the afternoon and have a little Mexican feast. It was so much fun!

James, Tarah, and Nixon…we wished Tarah lived closer to us so she could babysit!

Boo and Ebby Lee…this girl LOVES her some Boo!

Ty (will probably kill me for posting this picture), Morgan, and Nixon-Man…I seriously did not mean to download this picture, but once I saw how cute the little man looked there was NO turning back! I am not kidding when I say that I took 5 of these pics to try to get a perfect one and either Nixon or Ty are messing one of them up! Morgan, you did great!

Grandpa (known as “Pa” in Ebby Lee talk) and Ebby Lee

Nixon and Torie…he was LOVING all these girls!

Don’t they look like they’ve been caught?

T-Nonna and Boo have a slide in their house. Ebby Lee and Camden thought it was SO much fun. I think I heard, “No, no Camdee!” about 200 times. She thought that slide was hers!
Towards the end of the night, Ty and Morgan, who got engaged this summer brought out some presents for Ebby Lee and Nixon. I was expecting a cute book or little toy. I was NOT expecting this…

Ebby Lee opening her gift. I thought I was gonna cry!

This is what she got! I was NOT expecting that. I seriously thought I was gonna cry. (I remember thinking that my mom was crazy when she would cry over little things, but NOW I get it!…I’m getting old!!) The book had a cute little poem inside asking Ebby Lee to be their flower girl.

Checking out her book…Morgan, I promise we’ll be practicing! ha!

Then go back up to the first picture on this post that was out of order…

Nixon opened up a bear and the note on the bear asked if he would be their “ring BEARer”…too cute! We’re so excited to get to be a part of their special day! Thanks so much Ty and Morgan!!

The engaged couple with their flower girl and ring bearer…thanks so much guys!

Boo and Ebby Lee…silly picture

Too funny!

Nixon was chuckling he was laughing so hard.

Sweet Camden…just so you know what it was like…in the background of this picture Ebby Lee was probably saying, “no, Camdee” RIGHT then! 🙂 Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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