Bucket List and a SPECIAL CODE

Emily and I took a break from our Bucket Lists for a while, but we’re BACK!!  Today I’m sharing my February Bucket List!  February can kind of be a blah month…usually it’s still cold and dreary, but I’m going to do my best to make it a fabulous month!
*Any remotely nice days we have to get out in the yard and get it prepped for spring!  We have LOTS of yard work to do in this house, so starting ASAP is the plan. 

*I’m pretty sure we’ll all sport our red, pink, and hearts for Valentine’s Day.

*This is on my bucket list…but really, it’s for Marla.  haha!  Last year Marla helped Ebby Lee make her valentine box for her preschool party.  This year, we’ll be working on Nixon’s.

*On Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll sport our team’s colors to church.

*The boys will stock up on tee-ball gear for Nix!  His season starts in March!

*We have a membership to the Perot Museum and I’m pretty sure it expires in March.  We need to take one last big trip before that happens.

What’s on your Bucket List for February??

I’m so excited to tell you about this!!!  Becky Kiser is the writer behind, Sacred Holidays.  Their goal is to help people focus on Christ through the holidays.  They have a new devotional coming out for lent in preparation for Easter.  Becky and her gang are offering 10% off with the promo code ERIKASLAUGHTER.  I’m ordering today and hope you do too!

 “Are you eager for Easter to mean more than chocolate bunnies and new outfits? Join us on this 6-½ week devotional that will walk you through the life of Jesus in the book of Matthew. Your belief in Jesus will be refreshed as you are reminded by all He did: He lived openly before others, healed, rested, fed people, gave to the poor, taught and went to the Cross. Start your journey to the Cross, and that empty grave, by celebrating Lent with us this year!”

You can find the printed version here.
You can find the digital version here.

Thank you so much, Sacred Holidays!!!  I’m looking forward to this study!  (It begins on February 18th…so order soon if you’re interested.)

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