Anniversary Sale Goodies Reviewed

Did you see that title and think, “WHAT IS ERIKA TALKING ABOUT?”.  

The last time I did a product review a sweet reader told me she’d love to hear a review on the items I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Did I end up loving them all year long?  Wear them daily?  Only wear once?   Hate the way it washed?  And I thought it was a great idea!

If you’re new here, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a huge event every summer where new items from a variety of brands are offered at sale prices.  Many of the items are up and coming products for fall/winter so when I share what I bought-there’s not a way to try them out before I share. Trust me-the sale ends WAY before I can wear any sweaters here in Texas. 🙂

We’re gonna take a look back at the items I grabbed and I’ll let you know how they worked out.
This leopard top and over the knee boots were both big hits!  I have both in my closet and will continue to wear them.  The boots got a lot of wear…not sure how I was living without those in my closet. 

In this picture, I was showing you the AG high-waist jeans.  {I found lots of options on sale!I loved these so much I actually did a whole post about them back in the fall.  Most high-waist jeans don’t look so great on the back side, but this pair does a good job.

This tank was a hit-until I washed with something else that bled ALL OVER!  This must have been BEFORE you guys recommended those color catcher sheets.  BOO!

Snakeskin boots, I LOVE and will continue wearing but most of my daily tops are patterned so I didn’t wear them as much as I thought because it would have been way too much going on.

This leopard sweater let me down after a few washes.  It seemed to lose it’s shape a bit, but let’s talk about the jeans-MY FAVORITE BLACK PAIR!  The bottom frayed hem just gave the whole outfit a more fun look.

Olive green North Face Jacket?  Yes, ma’am!  

These booties got LOTS of wear from December to February.  Wanna know what I wore from September to November?

This pair.

I need some Tom & Sheri’s STAT for this tank, but I wore it all fall long.  I got this in a pattern the year before and it looks cute with denim shorts or jeans.  Very good buy!  I just saw it’s 50% off right now in a very spring pattern.

I wore this several times this year, but it’s just not my favorite sweater.  I passed it on to someone already. 

I literally wore these pajamas to bed on Tuesday night.  Super comfy, really great for any season, and am so glad I bought them.

RIP to these gorgeous gold hoops.  I lost one several months ago and still haven’t found it…yet.

Speaking of losing one earring, did Sheaffer and I ever tell you about the time she was riding in my passenger seat with me and a Stella and Dot earring she was wearing fell out?  It slid right between the seats, was SO CUTE, and she’d just gotten them.  We pulled over, used flash lights, and looked and looked and looked for that earring.  Multiple times!  And it was never seen again.  When we got rid of that vehicle, Sheaffer and I always joked about how we really should have gotten such a great price because there was one special earring STILL in there.  #somewhere

Black/gold Adidas sneakers…yes, and even comfier than they are cute.

These waterproof Ugg booties I actually replaced for the grey instead of black.  Since we didn’t go skiing this year, they didn’t get a ton of wear but I think we’ll head to the mountains at some point next year.  Still feeling good about these…they’re really comfy as well.

The shampoo/conditioner are already gone and the Moroccanoil is the perfect travel size.

Ebby Lee uses this.

Britt LOVED these shoes!  She’s at the stage where her feet are growing quickly and she’s not rough enough on shoes to wear them out, so we passed these onto a friend when she outgrew them.

And this cute pair of glitter booties as well.

Whew!  Okay, ladies!  That’s a wrap!  For the most part, I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying the items I’ll be wearing all fall/winter long.  However, this post helped me realize I need to steer clear of the sweater section!  Ha!  Maybe you should do your own little check too!  Are you a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopper?  What items did you REALLY love all year long?  What should you have passed on?

Tomorrow, I have a really fun Friday Favorite in store!  Hope you join us!

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  1. 4.30.20
    Unknown said:

    thank you! I loved this post! I shop very heavily during the anniversary sale as well and I think this is a really good idea to go back and assess what I really wore/enjoyed!

  2. 4.30.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    These are so cute. I like how you can wear them in more than one season.

  3. 4.30.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    And now, I'm ready for FALL!

  4. 4.30.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    THAT DANG EARRING! I remember exactly where we were and everything! Hahaha!

  5. 5.1.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Ok friend. Next time you need to pass along a cute sweater to someone, I'm your girl!! 😉 That Inspired Chick

  6. 5.2.20
    collicat said:

    Great idea for a post. I always wonder if blogger really wear the clothes from the sale.