Angel, Abby Curley, & $$$$…

Yesterday was one of those days that you can’t plan for. It was so unexpected. The kiddos and I got up, ran some errands, hit the gym, and then headed to Costco. Should have been an uneventful day, right? We took our time shopping at Costco, got everything we needed, and headed to checkout. (Sidenote: I’m frequently misplacing my debit card. I tend to throw it in a diaper bag one day or a pocket the next. So, I lose it a lot! I recently lost it, and they sent me a new one. But…I didn’t know my PIN number, so I usually run stuff as a credit.) As the cashier was ringing me up, ($109.52 worth of ringing) I realized that I couldn’t ring my total up as a credit like I normally do because Costco doesn’t do credit, and I didn’t have a check, and I didn’t know my PIN number! The cashier (who totally wasn’t thinking) suggested that I go to the ATM in the front of the store to get cash. I (who had every right to be tremendously flustered at this point) agreed that would be a GREAT idea! On my way to the ATM…I quickly pass my… for the day. Better known to some of you as… Abby Curley. We chat for a second. She could tell something hectic was going on. So…I tell her that I have to go get money out of the ATM. I head ALL the way over there and swipe my card before I realize that I don’t know my PIN number STILL! So…I’m thinking….do I

1. Ditch the groceries/diapers/stuff, grab the kiddos, and head home

2. Leave my stuff, go to the closest Bank of America, and then come back to pay for my stuff

3. Go beg Abby Curley to pay for my Costco stuff and I’ll pay her back

What would you have chosen? I went with option #3. The thought of not getting home with ANY of that stuff in my cart and having to do it all over another day was too much! So…seeing that Abby was getting ready to check out. I raced and I DO mean raced my kids over to her line. I proceeded to politely ask her to buy my stuff (if you can politely ask a friend to buy your $109.52 worth of stuff). Abby was so sweet. She was SERIOUSLY my angel yesterday. She quickly handed over the… to the cashier, to pay for ALL of our goods and we left.

So…thank you again to Abby Curley!! I’m sure she’s hoping she’ll never bump into me and my posse EVER again at Costco or any other establishment for that matter. But…I do believe she earned an extra jewel in her crown yesterday for helping me out. (By the way, I did pay her back…and I changed my PIN number…so hopefully this won’t happen EVER again!) Thank you SO much Abby!!

The moral of this story is…if you see me and my kiddos walking around a store with a cart FULL of stuff….RUN the OTHER way!!!

By the way, I haven’t posted pictures lately because Tab and I went on a little trip (I actually tagged along on a business trip) last week and left our camera in California. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival back to Texas!! I’m sure my kiddos are being normal, but I think in my head they’re being cuter than normal because I have no way to take their picture. Does that make sense? ha!

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  1. 3.31.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am going to start shadowing Abby and Leah when they're out and about. You better believe that if they run into Target, I'll be there with a cart full of stuff and some sob story about how I forgot my wallet. Watch out Abby Curley! (And Erika, I will be running from you :)).

  2. 4.2.11
    abby said:

    Well I certainly enjoyed seeing you! Lets do it again soon. 🙂