All Over the Place

Not gonna lie, it’s a Monday that feels totally like a Monday to me.  🙂

I think it’s because we had a really good weekend…nothing really amazing happened, but it rained, stormed, and the temperature dipped below the nineties!  I spent way too much time curled up on the couch with a blanket, the family, and a football game on t.v.  It was THAT kind of a weekend.  All kinds of good!

Today, is a complete hodge podge of randomness…it’s all over the place.

First up is THIS NEW COOKBOOK by my girl, Shay!  You guys!  This cookbook takes the work out of meal planning…all the heart eyes right there.  It’s split into weeks with seven meals and one sweet treat each week.  The best part is…THE GROCERY LIST IS INCLUDED!  So, if you’re like me and do as much online grocery shopping as you can-I’m going to add those items to my cart and voila-shopping is DONE!  And my meals are all planned for the week!  Seriously, I love this cookbook ALREADY!  We’re having the Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie for dinner tonight and I’m already looking forward to it.  

You can pre-order Meal Planner now!  The cookbook is being released on October 2nd!  WAHOO!

One more thing…we’ve been cooking our way through the Eats cookbook and Ebby Lee has made several things we’ve all loved…Blueberry Banana Bread, Nutella Cinnamon Rolls, and Strawberry Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting to name a few.  And a new family favorite is the Sausage Tortellini Bake.  If you have that cookbook, try ALL of those!  And if you don’t, order that now too!


Have you heard about McKinney’s new football stadium?  It’s home to all three McKinney high schools, seats 12,000, and has an attached event center.  Our high school played last week and we showed up.  If you look closely in the picture above, you can see the opposing team’s fans-however did NOT show up for it.  haha!

When we left we ran into some flag football teammates right outside the stadium.  In just eight more years these boys could be playing on that field!


I need to get my driver’s license renewed and I’d heard just awful things about the wait times at our local office.  I was told to drive to an office about 45 minutes away to save time…so that’s exactly what I did.  You guys I got there and you can see my number above…89.  Wanna guess what number they were serving?



It was right around lunch time so two workers had just taken a lunch.  I was told the wait would be at least two and a half hours.  I didn’t have that much time before I had to start carpool pick-up so I had to leave.

I’ve gotta know…is this the case where you live?  And if not and you’re in Texas, can I come visit and we can go to your local Texas Department of Public Safety office while I’m there?  🙂


This past Friday night we had BIG plans to watch the cutest umpire {Tab, of course} live and in action at the SMU/TCU game here in Dallas.  

But the weather had other plans…our sweet friends, the Shulls, were gonna watch Tab too.  We all drove down, grabbed some food before the game, and the rain WOULD NOT STOP.

Meanwhile, these two cuties were having the time of their life with a babysitter, cat pajamas, AND markers.

After the start time of the game began getting pushed back, we finally decided to drive on home.  My crew and I showered, got all comfy cozy, and watched it on the couch instead {when it finally started two hours later}.


Due to the rain this weekend, Bowen’s first flag football game got cancelled, but we all got to watch Ebby Lee in her pre-season tournament on Saturday.  This fall a new coach has taken over and I love getting to just watch and be a parent.  It’s gonna be a good season!

I think that wraps up all my thoughts.  Hope you guys rock this Monday!


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  1. 9.10.18
    Jordan said:

    Can you make an appointment? I live in MI and ours just started appointments!

  2. 9.10.18
    The Stantons said:

    Girlfriend!! Go to the Garlands DMV!! Life changing!

    It’s a super center…log in online…then they send you text updates! If you are on time…easy. Need a few more minutes? The text allows you to bump your appointment!

  3. 9.10.18
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    Girl!! You should be able to make an appointment online.. I think it usually opens the online system at around 7:30am every morning. Game changer!

  4. 9.10.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Ahhhhhhh!! Thank you so much for the Meal Planner love!!! I'm so excited you like it!! Annnnnd Friday night was not a wash! Dinner was fun even if we never made it to the game 😉 .

  5. 9.10.18
    Becky said:

    Ours BMV is notorious as well. Along with looong waits, are grumpy people. The parking is horrendous. We always go to the one in the next town. A much happier atmosphere and a much shorter wait time.

  6. 9.10.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    I attempted an appointment but they were all sold out when I looked. I’ve gotta make a better game plan for attempt number 2! Hahaha!

  7. 9.10.18
    R's Rue said:

    Have a great day.

  8. 9.10.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    The driver's license thing makes me want to bawl for you. BAWL.

  9. 9.10.18
    Rockhound said:

    I am in Texas, near Houston, and at our DMV, you go online and put your name in. You get a text when they are about a half an hour away from your number so you know to actually go into the office. It is a great system and super fast and easy!

  10. 9.10.18
    LCC said:

    I'm guessing you are unable to just renew online? I'm in Mississippi and we can renew Online. The last time I did have to go in the office for my son's permit test I was just the first one there when they opened the doors! The line started forming about 20 mins bf they opened.

  11. 9.10.18
    Angela said:

    Can you renew your license online. I live in North Carolina and we can renew online. No need to leave the house. It's unbelievable that it can be done that way. Answer a few questions
    and BAM…..your license come in the mail.

  12. 9.10.18
    Anonymous said:

    Isnt that stadium so amazing? Also, Madeley and Britt are just precious in that photo! So fun!

  13. 9.10.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    We can renew a certain number of times online and unfortunately, I’m all out. 🙁

  14. 9.10.18
    Elizabeth said:

    We ha e one of those supercenter DPS locations (outside of houston) and you can get all your paperwork and check in online on your way there! They have to have something similar in Dallas! My dad also just drives 45min- 1 hr to a small country town and is in out 🙃

  15. 9.10.18
    Dustie Day said:

    I just had to renew mine in the spring. In PA, it's not horrible but I think depends on the time of day you go. I've been told to completely avoid Saturdays. We don't have long papers to fill out like you though….you poor thing!

  16. 9.10.18
    Unknown said:

    You need to go to a tiny town outside the metroplex! I live in small town Kansas and we never have to wait at the DMV! In fact, i have never even seen another person there, lol! One of the advantages to small town living!

  17. 9.10.18
    Elizabeth Connolly said:

    Such a bummer about the football game, but sometimes it is kind of nice to just be snuggled up on the couch on a rainy day! Here in Ohio we had TONS of rain this weekend as well (and its still raining) and we took it easy all weekend long. As much as I hate the rain, I really welcomed it this weekend and took full advantage and surprisingly it was a nice and much needed break! Britt and Madeley are so darn cute in that photo! I love it!

  18. 9.10.18
    Sara said:

    The DMV….everyone's worst nightmare! And aren't they so friendly there?!?!?! LOL!!! Hopefully making an appointment will get you in and out quickly. That is my only tip; saved my soul last time.

  19. 9.10.18
    Kelsey Peacock said:

    Today is definitely a Monday that feels like a Monday!! Sorry the rain ruined your Friday night plans but it sounds like you all had an awesome cozy weekend!

  20. 9.10.18
    The B's said:

    There are so many things about TX that I love… the DPS is not one of them! �� I was not prepared for the lack of joy that place would bring me when we first moved … over the course of 2 days Mike and I both spent a 12 1/2 hours trying to get our new state license only to come home and Mike realize that his name is now Michale, so now we call him Mick-Hale. ���� I have no advice on timing but as a tip :double and triple check the spelling of your name on that final screen! The pic of M and B is adorable!

  21. 9.10.18
    Britt Hensley said:

    I hate the weather rained out your football fun, but curled up on the couch watching with your babes is a pretty good alternative!

  22. 9.10.18
    ladywife said:

    Haha, I don't feel bad for you! Our wait times here in California are 6 hours!! And it is almost impossible to get an appointment. Got to love CA, right? 😉

  23. 9.10.18
    Simply Tish said:

    This Texas rain has been AH-MAZING this past week! However, not so great for our football games either! And DMV is always a nightmare! Wait til you have to take ALL the paperwork for a teenager driver and wait for them to take the driving test, etc. Block off your ENTIRE day! Ha! Simply Tish

  24. 9.10.18
    Elaine Welte said:

    Thanks for sharing about the DMV. I’m going to have to plan for when we move and have to renew our licenses! Ugh!!

  25. 9.10.18
    Jenny said:

    I live outside of Houston and our local DMV offices are horrible also. You can go online and make an appointment though. I haven't had to do that yet, but I have heard if you have an appointment you are in and out in 30 minutes. Good luck!!

  26. 9.10.18
    Sam said:

    California DMV is horrible, especially now that they have started to issue the Real ID. People are making appointments to get a Real ID (even though the Real ID isn’t needed for like 2 more years) which means people who actually need an appointment to renew their license can’t get one. And if you don’t have an appointment, the wait can be like 6 hours. It’s awful.

  27. 9.10.18
    Unknown said:

    Like Nadine said, check and see if one in your area has an option to put your name on a list. That way you can at least only spend 30 mins waiting instead of several hours. That is what my mom and I did in Georgetown, TX.

  28. 9.10.18
    Carolyn said:

    Here in North Carolina we can get ours on line. I have renewed mine twice already.
    Carolyn Cox

  29. 9.10.18
    Unknown said:

    Did you know you can renew your license online? If you qualify you pay the fee and it prints you out a temporary license to carry with your old one until your new one arrives in the mail–SO easy and no waiting for hours at the DMV!!

  30. 9.10.18
    Shawnee said:

    Don't waste your time driving out to a tiny town…..we have the same issues. My 18yr old has been to 2 different locations and still hasn't managed to get it renewed.

  31. 9.10.18
    She's a big star said:

    By best suggestion for the DMV is to go in 5-10 mins. before they close for the day… that's what I do here and there is NEVER a wait! Good luck!

  32. 9.10.18
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    Can you renew yours online? That's what I do!

  33. 9.10.18
    Tanya said:

    Ugh…the DPS! I had to wait almost 4 hours to get my teen's driver's license. In Houston, several centers have closed and they now have a super center. Yes, you can make an online appointment. But that just gets you in the door. We still had several hours of waiting after getting in. I don't think the "supercenter" concept is working very well for them!

  34. 9.10.18
    Parnell's Pantry said:

    In NY, we renew by mail or online..easy peasy!

  35. 9.11.18
    The Witts said:

    My parents live in Allen and they stopped at the office in Waxahachie on a trip down 35. It was super quick! Not very close to McKinney but they do have a super cute downtown!

  36. 9.11.18
    C said:

    My thought when I saw the first picture…"Awww, they got a dog!" 😉

  37. 9.11.18
    Unknown said:

    Here in Nevada, you can make appointments online and they honor the time. Miraculous with an infant 🙌🏻 It’s our third different DMV in 3 years and by far the best! However, tons of people don’t make appointments and they literally have a snack bar since wait times are over 4 hours regularly 😂

  38. 9.11.18
    Anonymous said:

    I live in GA and we can do a lot of the license renewal online so it goes so much quicker in person. It's like a FastPass from Disney!