Friday Favorites-Edition Britty Goes to Preschool

Hi Everyone!

It’s FRIDAY, which means Narci, Andrea, and I are sharing our FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Today, I’ve got a big old dose of CUTE for you in the form of Britt.  🙂  SHE STARTED PRESCHOOL THIS WEEK.  You guys!  Last year I never signed her up because I didn’t feel like it was time, but when registration for the fall rolled around I knew she’d be ready. 

Last week we went to, “Meet the Teacher”, where we met her two teachers, who happen to be AMAZING and had Bowen and Ashby when they were two.  🙂

Once she realized she wasn’t staying…she was all about playing with the toys.

She did great and seemed READY for Tuesday!

Afterwards, we saw these cuties in the parking lot.

When Tuesday morning rolled around, I got so nervous!  Was she going to eat lunch?  Or would she be starving by pick-up time?  Would she nap at school?  Would she cry all day?  All the thoughts were going through my head.

Tab worked from home on Tuesday so he could take her to school with me.

We spent all morning asking, “Who’s going to school today?” and she’d say, “Me”….but I still don’t know if she understood.

When we arrived, we saw our favorite three-year-olds in the lobby!

And I have to report…Britt had a great day!  She cried a little at drop off but didn’t cry again all day!  I can already tell this is going to be GREAT for her!  She’s super attached to me…in a good way, but it’s going to be such a year of learning for her.  And for this mama.  🙂

Happy to report…no tears on Day Two!

And her sweet teachers sent me a picture of her on a tricyle during play time.  She’s hanging like a big kid at school!

This was Britty all ready for Day Three.  🙂

Week one was a complete success!  Slaughter girls are ready for week two!  {And by that I mean-Britt and me.  ha!}


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