A Few of M’s Favorite Things

Last week Gary and I hosted a little girly birthday party for Marla.  The theme was “Marla’s Favorite Things”.  She invited a few close girlfriends.  We had some of her very favorite things and just had a great night celebrating her!

Marla’s house was already decorated for fall, so I decided to add “sparkly gold” as our theme.  I think it turned our GREAT!!  Olivia at Joyful Art Designs made the banner, the canvas, and the printables.  She totally took care of me and hooked me up with the cute birthday decor!!  Seriously…”Thank you, Olivia!!”.

We served some of Marla’s very favorite foods.  She’s a girl after my own heart and prefers appetizers over a meal.  So…we had little slider cheeseburgers, salad, spinach dip, southwest rolls, and fruit.  Delish!

Another of Olivia’s cute printables.  🙂
And…this was our game.  I bought six (because six girls were attending) of Marla’s favorite things…fingernail polish, candle, ornament, earrings, gift card, and coffee.  Then we played, “Dirty Santa” with the gifts.  The ladies loved it!  They “stole” gifts and hopefully all ended up with something they were excited to take home.  Marla had no idea we were playing this game.  Every time someone would open something she’d say, “I LOVE that!”.  haha!!

Every party needs some balloons, right?

Marla’s cute house needs another post all on it’s own.  But…the game was ready by the fireplace.

Loved celebrating with this girl!!  My kiddos and I are so thankful she lives so close.  They love hanging with M and I love having her here.

Gary was the only guy invited to the party. 🙂

 I took these pictures before we added the food to this table.

Marla requested her favorite cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory instead of birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Marla!!  Hope you had a GREAT night!

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  1. 10.2.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What a special birthday!! I love all of the sparkly gold mixed in with her pumpkins. So cute!!

  2. 10.2.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Awwwwwwwww! Happy Birthday Marla!!!!! So much fun!

  3. 10.2.14
    Sheila said:

    Yes! Please have her do a house tour – her home looks lovely!!

  4. 10.2.14
    Jen V. said:

    Wow! What a beautiful home! Love the gold party!!

  5. 10.2.14
    Kimm said:

    What a super fun party! Loved all the gold

  6. 10.2.14
    Andrea Munding said:

    Ok girl, do you realize how blessed you are to have a great mother in law?! That's so awesome!

  7. 10.2.14
    missy said:

    That was a really cute post!

  8. 10.2.14
    Jules said:

    What a fun party! And can you please just do a whole post on that gorgeous house?

  9. 10.2.14
    Liz/ said:

    Love all the decorations, such a fun party for her and her house is GORGEOUS!!!!

  10. 10.2.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    What a great theme for the party! I need to keep that in mind 🙂
    And you seriously need to do a home tour for Marla! That place looks gorgeous!!!

  11. 10.2.14
    Amber Sanders said:

    Wow what a house and what a party. Seems like you are both so lucky to have one another! Thanks for sharing all the details I am in love with the sparkly gold!

  12. 10.2.14
    Unknown said:

    I agree… Definitely a house tour, if she's willing :). What a fun party. You are fortunate to have a great mother-in-law. And, she is fortunate for you. Have a great day 🙂

  13. 10.2.14
    Jamie {the celebrating momma} said:

    The sparkly gold looks fabulous. I love me a favorite things party! Looks like it was a great time!

  14. 10.2.14
    Alisha said:

    Is this Tab's mom? I'm just nosy trying to figure out family tree! 😄

  15. 10.2.14
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Aww thanks so much for linking my shop! I love where you placed the signs and banner! Her house is beautiful. And I agree, a post on her house would be awesome! Thanks again!

  16. 10.2.14
    Erika Slaughter said:

    No, this is Tab's step-mom. 🙂 I understand trying to figure out the family tree! haha!

    Okay, ladies! I'll do my best to convince her we need a house tour! Her house is gorgeous! I'd love to share it with you!! I'm on it!

  17. 10.2.14
    Brooke @ A Retherford Realization said:

    This house needs a house tour! What a GORGEOUS home!

  18. 10.2.14
    Florence said:

    Everything look so nice! I am with the others hoping for that house tour!

  19. 10.2.14
    Anonymous said:

    Marla's house is Gorgeous!

  20. 10.3.14
    mrspacman said:

    Love your decorations! You have a gorgeous mother in law who has great taste in decorating! Crossing fingers that she agrees on a house tour

  21. 10.3.14
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    Great Post! Loved all the little touches you added for the party…the cute quote too!