5 Things-Mini Home Tour

This 5 Things on a Monday has clearly become a thing.  I got a lot of sweet messages on Instagram about how you were really liking it, which I totally appreciate.  THANK YOU for being so sweet and for following along! I’m trying to treat these posts like a conversation I’d have with a girlfriend if we were catching up after the weekend.  So grab some coffee, because I have mine and let’s get to chatting.

#1 It’s CHRISTMAS inside the Slaughter House
Here’s a little peek at a few of the spaces all decked out for Christmas.  Now, I didn’t realize some of my ornaments need to be hung back up on the mantle so please don’t pay attention to that.  

This Merry Christmas sign and string of lights just makes me happy.

The living room is looking just as festive with all the red and green.  If you’re looking for a color coordinated Christmas tree, well you’re in the wrong place.  Our tree is full of our favorite family ornaments.  Maybe one day I’ll change that up or add a color coordinated tree to a different room but for now this is exactly what I want.

Christmas pillows are from HomeGoods and Pottery Barn through the years.

If you’re looking for an Elf on the Shelf idea, well look no further than this stocking trick.  You just hang the elf in the stocking.  😂😂😂😂 My girlfriend, Jeni, and I were just laughing about how some people are hanging twine sending their elf sailing across the room and our elves are slowly moving from stocking to stocking.  

I got our stockings a few years ago from Pottery Barn and am pretty certain these are the forever stockings.

We have a few decorations in the kitchen but we were in the middle of baking cookies when I snapped these and the kitchen was a DISASTER.  Another time, maybe?

#2  This ALWAYS happens to me.
Anyone else?  I mean I needed just an INCH of more paper.  Wrapping gifts is not my favorite thing.  I’m horrible at it and these are the kinds of things I do.  Do you feel me?

#3 Speaking of Things That Happen to me…
I’m not a fan of drinking coffee out of a Yeti type cup.  I prefer it out of a mug so I’m always living on the edge when I take Britt to speech early twice a week.  On this particular day, I put my mug on the hood of the car, helped Britt get in, and then DROVE off!  How did that not fall off?  I turned left out of speech onto this six land road, saw it sitting there, and flipped out.  Don’t worry-no one was behind me so I pulled off in the turn lane, took a pic for you, and grabbed it.  
If you’re wondering what I’m doing today, check out that registration.  Maybe this coffee cup situation was a blessing after all?  Because as I was uploading this picture I saw that date!  

#4 Target Treasure
I took a solo mini-vacation to Target on Saturday and stumbled upon this treasure!  The new 2020 edition of Mall Madness.  I LOVED this game when I was little.  So much so-my mom kept the game and has given it to Ebby Lee.  We’re playing the 1992 edition in my house but if you’ve looked for Mall Madness before and couldn’t find it, look no further!

#5 Girls’ Weekend
We had the BEST little girl’s weekend in our house.  Marla asked if the boys could spend the night and what went from a Friday night sleepover turned into a weekend event.  The girls and I watched a ton of Christmas movies on Saturday.  We were super lazy and it was just what we needed!  {Well, except my little vacation. ha!}

When I got the boys yesterday, this was the conversation in the car…
Nixon:  “Mom, guess what I did that was so mature of me?”
Me:  “What, Nix?”
Nix:  “I packed my deodorant.  I actually forgot my toothbrush but at least I packed my deodorant.”
Bowen:  “I didn’t pack EITHER or shower ALL WEEKEND!” {Imagine him saying that in a cracking up yet so proud of himself voice.}
*And he actually did shower on Friday before he even went over for the sleepover so joke was on Bowen.

Okay, now what do you have?  Any great stories from your weekend?  Only EIGHTEEN more days until Christmas!

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