Erika’s Top Ten-Part One

Friends, we are in the FINAL stretch of the we-must-get-our-Christmas-gifts-ordered-STAT-or-they-will-not-arrive-in-time!  Have you made the list and checked it twice?  I never shared a wish list of things I have on my own list like I typically do because I decided I’d rather share things I already own and love with you!  These are items I feel one hundred percent comfortable recommending because they’re favorites already!

Here we go!

In no particular order, my Top Ten Christmas Ideas…
*Edited to add…this post took way longer than I was expecting so it’s my PART ONE of my Top Ten list.  Part Two is coming on Thursday!
BOOTS-If someone on your list is looking for a new pair of footwear, these are my top three recommendations!

#1-Hiking Boots-I bought these boots at the beginning of the fall season and since then have seen multiple dupes that look really good!  If you want the look for a fraction of the price, check out Dupe #1 or Dupe #2.

#2-Light Booties-{Similar} This is my favorite pair of dressy booties and the pair I tend to grab over ad over again if I’m dressing up a bit.

#3 Combat Boots-This pair was outside of my comfort zone, for sure!  But I find myself reaching for them over and over.  I love the fact there are no laces and the extra jewels combat {see what I did there} the more masculine shape of the boot.

IN THE KITCHEN-These are three of my very favorite kitchen items, the tried and trues that get used over and over again.

#1 Mix and Match Mama’s Simmers Cookbook-I use my slow cooker all year long so a cookbook full of slow cooker meals is ALWAYS a favorite!

#2 Ground Meat Chopper-The most used utensil in my kitchen.  If the options were to make us all eat with our hands or get rid of the meat chopper, well it wouldn’t really even be a question.  If you prefer your ground meat really chopped up finely, you need this!

#3 Slow Cooker-A couple years ago I upgraded to this fancy slow cooker and I’ve never looked back.  I can brown meat as well as slow cook them with just the click of a button.

SNEAKERS-2020 has made my sneaker game real strong.  Very rarely did I go somewhere where I nice sneaker isn’t dressy enough.  Do you?  Needless to say, I have some options for you!

#1 Cole Haan Leopard Sneakers-These look really cute dressed up with denim or dressed down with yoga pants.  Leopard is a neutral and these sneakers are proof!

#2 Nike Air Max-Anyone on your list who would love a FUN pair of shoes?

#3 Casual Nikes-This option comes in a wide variety of colors so if you have a favorite sports’ team, are a big fan of neutrals, enjoy a favorite color, etc…then there’s a Nike for you or someone on your list.

#4 p448-{Similar and on SALE}These are a great alternative to Golden Goose sneakers…still cute, fun, and funky but without such a hefty price tag.
ORGANIZATIONAL ITEMS-Don’t we all like to start a brand new year with our best organized foot forward?  I know I sure do!  I’d love a little box full of items to keep me on my “A” game!

#1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses-These are my go-tos on days when I’ll be staring at the computer most of the time.  

#2 Planner-There’s really nothing better than a fresh new planner.

#3 Customized Notebook-I used a Prayer Journal by this company for years and just ordered a new one for myself.  You can customize these in any way you’d like and the gift ideas are endless!

SHERPA-There’s just something about these days inside-give me ALL THE COMFY, COZY!

#1 Sherpa Jacket-I’m all about this cute and cozy sherpa jacket that comes in several other colors.

#2 Sherpa Pullover-This pullover combination is my absolute favorite!

That wraps up Part One!  Whew!  On Thursday we have a wide range of make-up, bible studies and more!  Thanks for reaching today!

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  1. 12.8.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So fun! I’m a huge fan of the simplified planner too!!!

  2. 12.8.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That sherpa jacket is ADORABLE!!!

  3. 12.8.20
    lil desiqua said:

    I think I would get a lot of use out of that meat chopper. I highly recommend combat boots- I wear mine more than any other footwear! I have a sherpa pullover on my wishlist too- looks so warm and cozy!

  4. 12.8.20
    Ellibelle said:

    These are great! I think I may need that ground meet chopper in my life! Love the Sherpa jacket!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  5. 12.8.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Um, that is a great round up of gift ideas!! I love all ten!!