10 Things You Probably Don’t Know

WAHOO!!  We’re trucking along and it’s already THURSDAY!  We’re still knee deep in potty training-I’m 99% sure you totally forget all the horrific things about potty training right after it’s over.  Kind of like child birth?  Because I don’t remember this stage with any of my older kids when it comes to potty training and I know one day they didn’t wake up and have no more accidents?!  Do you guys remember?

I shared a little about everyone in my family yesterday in my Let’s Look post.  I touched on a couple things about myself but thought today I’d share a few things you probably don’t know.  This internet space is so fun but can be a little quirky too because often times I’m only sharing the good and put together sides of myself.  Today, I thought I’d share some of the quirky, irritating and self-deprecating things that make me-ME!

If you’ve missed any of these Erika posts in the past, feel free to catch up…

*Until I was in my late 20’s, I recorded Young and the Restless daily.  I’m gonna say that again.  DAILY!  I remember coming home from teaching all day and needing something to VEG out to for a bit to decompress.  Young and the Restless to the rescue!  The Newman family did not let me down.

*I can’t French braid to save my life!  I have two girls and really wish I had this skill set.  No matter how many You Tube tutorials I watch I cannot get a French braid to look good.  It’s like I need one more hand or at least several extra fingers to make it work.  Or…you know those playing card holders that help young kiddos hold all their cards?  I need something similar to that but for hair.  Is that a thing?

*I’m naturally a messy person.  Keeping my house tidy and all picked up doesn’t come naturally to me.  You know those articles you see on social media that say “5 Things People with Really Clean Homes Do”?  I always read them and always think-yep, I don’t do that!  However, I try really hard to keep everything clean and tidy because I don’t want my kids to pick up this habit and with six people in your house if you “let things go” for long, well it takes a LONG time to return to tidy.

*When my kiddos were little and Tab was out of town, I used to reward myself with some kind of delicious dessert when the kids went to bed.  Like “Way to go, Erika…the kids are asleep now enjoy your brownie” kind of treats.  Pair it with a reality show and I basically gave myself an Oscar at the end of the night.

*EVERY SINGLE DAY my eighth grade year of school I had my mom hot roll my hair.  Any guesses why I had such crazy dry hair in high school?  Every Single Day…whether I wore it in a ponytail or down. 

*The mere thought of public speaking makes me want to break out in hives.  To be honest, I can’t even think of anything worse than public speaking.  MAYBE cleaning vomit out of car seats?  And that’s a big MAYBE.  I remember putting off speech class in college until they finally changed the requirements and my early childhood education degree did NOT require that class anymore.

*Hives-let’s discuss that for a minute.  I was at the end of my student teaching assignment and I showed up to the first grade classroom where I’d been working half of the semester.  The teacher was SO excited and said that she’d gotten me an interview at a nearby school for THAT DAY.  And I’m gonna tell you again-she was SO pumped.  My interview skills are probably still lacking but at the time not having any time to prepare for said interview really freaked me out.  I left school, drove to the interview, and broke out in hives.  Like MAJOR HIVES.  And since I didn’t KNOW I was even having an interview when I got dressed that day I was not wearing a turtleneck!  Needless to say, I did NOT get the job.  And I can’t blame them.

*Growing up my mom had ONE breakfast rule…you had to have milk with breakfast.  Let me add my mom is amazing and was/is a fabulous mom and yes, we laugh about this now but that was our one breakfast rule.  Oreos and milk?  Yes!  Little Debbie with milk?  Yes!  Nutter Butters and milk?  Yes!  Sometimes when I worry about what my own kids are having for breakfast or lunch but then I think about my own breakfasts and don’t worry so much.

*When I sit down at my office desk to really knock out a lot of work, I’ve realized after several years that I do my very best work if I have…my space heater on, my diffuser going{lavender, lemon, and thieves is my favorite combo}, a water {and often times a coffee too}, my office doors closed, and a blanket in my lap.  Tab calls this high maintenance and I call it just knowing my ideal work environment.

*I’ve told you before I’m awful at laundry but I deal with it and handle it because we need clean clothes.  BUT…one thing I let slide are matching socks.  Very rarely are the Slaughter Six every wearing socks that match.  If we are, then know we’re having a GREAT day!  🙂

I think that wraps it up for today!  Hope you learned something new about me…now I’d LOVE to hear something about YOU that I don’t know!  Please SHARE!
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