Zoo Day!

 I know this post is SO long overdue, BUT (here’s my excuse) I’ve tried to post it 3 times.  Yes, I said 3 times.  Blogger apparently doesn’t want me to post 52 pictures at one time?  I’m not sure what is going on.  It started to mess up and I just decided I would split the post into two!  So…here we go (finally)…on Monday, April 9th, we celebrated Ebby Lee’s birthday at the zoo!
 My parents and grandparents were still here and what troopers!  They loaded up for the zoo trip.  It was a foggy cool April day here for Texas.  That’s why there are jackets.
 First stop…penguins

The new giraffe area at the zoo…my favorite!
 Look how close!
 Can you tell by the face who wasn’t excited about being close?  ha!
 Then Boo decided to illegally pick the grass and feed it to the giraffe.  That was not okay.  We did get reprimanded and told the giraffe prefer the $5.00 lettuce we can buy at the stand.  🙂
 Looks to me like this giraffe enjoyed the free grass!

 This little guy did not want to pause for his picture with his mama!
Us Slaughters LOVE our alligators!
 You can find us every Thursday night curled up watching Swamp People.  One of our favorite shows!  We were so excited to see the real alligators…hence the cheesy thumbs-up signs!
 I tried to be cool, but was so nervous about the safety of this glass.  Can you see the tiger down there?  My kiddos had so much fun at the zoo and were asleep by the time we were out of the parking lot!
 We ended the night with pizza, dessert, and more presents!
Ebby Lee got a new princess scooter.  She was SO excited!
Think she might have loved the helmet even more than the scooter.
Nixon’s birthday was in 3 days…but we went ahead and let him open some presents too.  He got a Cars scooter and helmet.  He was not a fan of the helmet.  We’re working on it. 
Post…to be continued…

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