Zalma Bulldogs at the Fed Ex Forum..what?

As an incentive to sell more tickets to the Memphis Grizzlies game on December 26th, the Fed Ex Forum invited my hometown Zalma Bulldogs to play another 1A school before the Grizzlies game that night. Bruce, my step-dad, was asked to officiate. So, we got up early the day after Christmas and drove to Memphis to watch him during the game. These were all the officials.An action shot of Bruce…but he’s not really moving?
The Zalma Bulldogs…they unfortunately lost the game, but it was a pretty close one.

After the Zalma game, we went to the mall and out to eat. Then we went back to the gym for the Grizzlies game that night. Our section was chosen to hold up these “3” point signs. It was really exciting at first, and then it became a big chore! Mom, Jared, and Brad are showing what we looked like.

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