You Asked…Part 2

*Any weird/intrusive comments people have made when you’ve been out with Britt?*
No, thankfully!  I’m happy to report-I have no stories in this department.  ๐Ÿ™‚

*What food items are staples in your home?*
-Eggs-I feel like I can whip up dinner-if I at least have eggs.  Ask my neighbors-I ALWAYS have eggs.
-Coffee-need I say more?
-Clif Z Bars-my kids love these and have been eating them for a long time!
-Peanut Butter-I can always make some sort of lunch happen, if I have peanut butter.
-Canned Goods-my pantry has a stash of things I could dump together to make some sort of soup.
-Frozen Waffles-this is what the boys have for breakfast EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY. 

I could keep going, but I think if I’m really looking for the staples…these are items you’d find at my house all the time.

*How do you manage your time?*
I’ve been reading this book {remember when I bought approximately 12 books about organization at the beginning of the year?  well, it’s one of those.} that strongly encourages you to make detailed lists.  Lists that will keep you organized with your time, the must-do’s of the next day, items in order of importance, etc.  So, I’m trying to do a better of job making lists.  For the most part, I know my musts everyday and I make sure those are getting taken care of.  

I’m not great at this and I can’t do it all so typically something in my life is suffering…whether it be my laundry pile, my master closet, or my sleep.  ha!  I try to give myself a little bit of grace and add whatever’s really suffering to one of my lists for the next day!

*How expensive was the adoption process?*
One of the very first things we discussed with our agency was the cost of adoption.  They were super detailed with estimating the process and how this would look.  Knowing that made it really easy {and not so scary because you could see what’s to come.  it’s not all due at one time.}.   There are tons of ideas on how to raise money for the adoption process from fundraisers to grants to much, much more.  If you’re feeling like God is calling you to adopt but are scared about the cost, do not let that stop you!  There are tons of ways to get financial help!

*Tell us about your life before you had kids and become a work from home mom!*
Tab and I got married in 2005…that seems like so long ago!  I had a semester left of student teaching and we found a school here that would allow me to get observed by them but still graduate from my university.  So, we lived in Arlington for almost a year while I finished that.  Then I subbed/tutored kiddos there until we bought our first house and moved to McKinney where I began teaching third grade at a local elementary school.  Our search finally ended for a great church where we really felt we belonged.  We hung out with friends during the week-hahahaha.  That’s laughable now.  Right?  But that’s what we did.  Tab was in a softball league and I would happily go to five stores to find exactly what I was looking for.  Now, if store number one doesn’t have it, then I probably don’t need it.  My, oh my!  How times have changed!

*Snacks you eat!*
Hmmm…are we talking healthy snacks or what I’d prefer to eat everyday?  ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Trail Mix
-String Cheese
-Larabar, Think Thin Bar, or Power Crunch bar
Those are my go-to snacks.

*Books you are reading now*
I just finished What We Find {definitely rated R, chick-lit} and started Before We Were Yours.

*Have you ever had a valet lose your keys?*
Hahahahahaha!  YES!  I’d never even thought about this possibility until last Tuesday night.  Brooke and I were leaving the fundraiser event so she passed off our valet ticket.  And other people left.  Other cars pulled up.  And more people left.  Until we were practically the only people standing outside.  We asked about our car and the valet attendants told us THEY’D  LOST OUR KEYS.  


Yes, they thought they’d placed them in another car, but they had no clue which one, any phone numbers, etc.

Good news-they found the keys {we have no clue where but someone yelled, “WE FOUND THEM!”, and everyone cheered}!

What are the odds at an event where we’re hoping our raffle tickets are pulled for a new purse…we get NOTHING but at the end of the night when only one set of keys goes missing it’s ours?  hahaha!  Not good odds for us that night.

*How long did you not allow other people (not you or Tab) to hold Britt?*
I think we started allowing it at six weeks.  For us, it was about making sure she knew who her people were before we allowed her to just go to anyone.  Britt’s very shy around new people, so I’m sure we could have allowed this much sooner.  But, we didn’t. I think this is something every family has to do what’s right for them.

Thanks so much for reading today, friends!

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  1. 10.23.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Keep these READER QUESTION posts coming! They are my very favorite.

  2. 10.23.18
    Dustie Day said:

    I love these posts!

  3. 10.23.18
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Love these posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing. What was life like before kids, its hard to remember – ha!!!

  4. 10.23.18
    Unknown said:

    Love these posts!!!! You have one beautiful family!

  5. 10.23.18
    Lauren Morris said:

    I โ€˜m almost finished with Before We Were Yours. Iโ€™m loving it! Itโ€™s one of my favorites for the year.

  6. 10.23.18
    Unknown said:

    I commented this to Shay as well, but you guys should read The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (Lisa See). Itโ€™s a Chinese adoption story. I really think you two would like it, a lot!

  7. 10.23.18
    Kelly said:

    Love posts like these. What is the organization book you are reading?

  8. 10.23.18
    Julie Bradford said:

    if we run out of waffles we are in trouble.. Julia has to have ONE EVERY MORNING!!!! thank goodness for Schwans delivery… which btw are the best waffles EVER! ๐Ÿ™‚
    love these posts!!!!

  9. 10.23.18
    Christy said:

    What book is it about time?

  10. 10.23.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Iโ€™ve read Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane! I was a FAN!!

    Oh, let me add that book to another post this week. I donโ€™t remember the name but Iโ€™ll look!

  11. 10.24.18
    Whitney Pegram said:

    I love these posts!!

  12. 10.24.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Lists, lists and more lists!! You know how much I love a list ๐Ÿ™‚ . This post had the sweetest family pictures!!!!