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Happy Wednesday!!  

I must tell you one of my very favorite things about blogging is the communication we get to have.  I love your book and movie recommendations.  I love hearing what latest song I should download.  And my favorite thing is getting “around the house” ideas from you.

This might fall under the “around the house” category.  All year long but ESPECIALLY in the winter, my slow cooker is my BFF.  With after school activities, we need to come home to a dinner that’s been cooking all day and is ready!  I thought it’d be crazy helpful and fun if we all shared our favorite-we know it off the top of our head-kind of slow cooker recipe.  You know your go-to recipe that everyone in your family loves?  We want THAT one!

I’ll start.  This recipe is my most favorite slow cooker recipe.  It’s yummy and delicious and it’s in a taco shell.  My favorite.  🙂

You guys!  The cheese, the green onion, the barbecue sauce, AND the crunchy shell-it’s hands down our favorite slow cooker meal.

These babies come in at a close second.  They are delicious!  And you can make a big batch of the barbecue and have leftovers the next day.

Speaking of Mix and Match Mama, look what I got this week…
Mix and Match Mama’s COOKBOOKS!!!  EEK!

Shay’s cookbooks hit the stands on February 1st, but you can pre-order this book here.  I’m so crazy proud of this girl!!  Shay is living proof that hard work pays off.  Dream big, girls!!  She’s worked hard for this and I’m so happy for her.  And…they are the CUTEST cookbooks ever! 

Mix and Match Mama’s Meal Planner is available here

Please share!!  Tell us your favorite slow cooker recipe.  Your tried and true and family favorite…what is it??  

Thanks for sharing your ideas, ladies!  I can’t wait to read and add them to my meal plan!  🙂

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