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What a weekend!   This past weekend we squeezed in as much fall and Halloween fun as we possibly could.  Here’s a little recap…

A couple Saturdays ago Ebby Lee joined some friends at the local high school’s drill team camp.  They spent several hours on Saturday morning learning a routine and then were scheduled to perform at the football game this past Friday night.  Let me tell you, it got COLD in Texas on Friday!  Those of you who live up north are probably laughing, but typically we don’t need a heavy coat until much later in the season.  Again, you guys are probably laughing!  Our Texas selves were cold!

Since it was the weekend before Halloween all the songs they danced to were Halloween themed.  Ebby Lee had so much fun!

Saturday morning Nixon had his last flag football game of the season.  We did some stuff around the house and then got ready for our Saturday night…
We had big plans with the Shulls to take the big kiddos to a haunted house.  Tab was working a game pretty close to home so he met us for dinner, the littles stayed with babysitters, and we had a BLAST!

This is us pre-haunted house.  We were all super excited!  Can you tell?  

And post-haunted house two big smiles!  I’ll take that as a win!

SO MUCH FUN!!  When we got in line we had a moment of-should we be taking our kiddos through this?  But, they loved it!  Did they get scared?  Yes!  Did BOTH boys lose a tooth inside?  YES!  {How does that HAPPEN?}  Were they hiding under an adult throughout the haunted house?  YES!  But they’re already asking if we can go back next year!

Meanwhile, Britt and Bowen were playing outside with Mackenzie, our babysitter.  🙂

Sunday evening we kept the fall fun happening with a fall festival..
These two cuties were ready to party.  And please note Bowen in the window’s reflection.  ha!  For the record, Britt was wearing shoes but she kicked them off at this moment.

They bobbed for apples!

And cheered each other on.  Until this…

SUCCESS!!  They also carved pumpkins, participated in a dance competition, and rode on the hayride.  {But I forgot pictures of all that.}

We love this FRAMILY!

I decided to let this cute panda join the kiddos’ picture.

Fun, fun times were had by all!

*Right after this picture, we realized Britt was missing a bootie and we went back in to hunt it down.


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  1. 11.1.17
    Adrienne Patenaude said:

    Looks like a lot of fun. We say every year we are going to go to a Haunted House and never do.

  2. 11.1.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    This last weekend was just SO MUCH FUN!!! We can't wait to continue the framily fun this holiday season!!

  3. 11.1.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    My goodness y'all had an awesome weekend!!! Bowen's painted face was precious!

  4. 11.1.17
    Bethany said:

    bobbing for apples takes me wayyyy back!

  5. 11.1.17
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    That's some great face painting! Looks like a fun weekend 🙂

  6. 11.1.17
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun weekend!!!! Bowen is precious with his face painting!!

  7. 11.1.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Are those the outfits you gals got the girls at Round Top? They are so cute and festive. We love a good holiday outfit around our house too. When is too soon to break out the Christmas ones???? 😉 Happy Halloween! xoxo ERIN

  8. 11.2.17
    mandabee said:

    Love that you guys are a framily! Makes life so much more fun!

  9. 11.2.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    Is Tab growing out his hair???

    • 11.2.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      No, I mean he could definitely have hair if he wanted. He has a head full but he typically shaves every morning. Are you seeing his five o'clock shadow? Hahaha!

    • 11.3.17
      Elaine Welte said:

      Yes! His head looked darker in one photo! And Tab has never had hair!😂 I don't think I could imagine it!

  10. 11.9.17
    Paula said:

    Those little girls… 😍